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Run Happy: A Brooks Insider Day Experience

Imagine a day filled with excitement, knowledge and the joy of running. That's exactly what happened when twenty-eight Up and Running team members embarked on a remarkable journey as they joined Brooks for an Insider Day in the vibrant city of Birmingham. From exploring the heritage of Brooks to testing their latest shoe models, this Insider Day was an unforgettable experience that encapsulated the essence of running. Let's dive into the highlights of this action-packed day and discover what it's truly like to run with Brooks.

Uniting for Fun and Learning

The day kicked off with a lively quiz about Birmingham, showcasing everyone’s knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of the city. Sam from East Sheen emerged as our winner, setting the tone for an engaging day ahead even if Sam was slightly confused as to the answer of the last question rather than his win. To break the ice and encourage teamwork, a balloon challenge ensued, where four teams attempted to manoeuvre the balloon from one end of the room to the other without letting it touch the floor. Camaraderie filled the air as we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, even if our skills were lacking.

Unveiling the Legacy of Brooks

Delving into the brand's rich history, we learned fascinating facts about Brooks. Founded in 1914, this running giant began focusing exclusively on running in 2001. We also heard about their exciting Brooks' Parkrun partnership which began in 2020, and the upcoming Parkrun happy tour starting from Harrogate, home of our oldest store. It was evident that Brooks, as an inclusive brand, is committed to inspiring runners at every stage of their journey.

Exploring Fit, Feel, and Ride

A session dedicated to the fit, feel, and ride of Brooks shoes showcased the brand's commitment to crafting models that truly cater to runners' needs. Brooks places their runners at the forefront of their design process, building the tech around the runner. Emphasizing Brooks' dedication to creating products that prioritize the runner's experience. This interactive session allowed everyone to truly understand the thought and care that goes into the development of each Brooks shoe with lots of sample shoes passed around to get a true feel for the design and tech updates.

Fuelling the Body for the Day Ahead

After an engaging morning, it was time to refuel with a delicious lunch. Tom and Henry made the most of the buffet and even ensured that no leftovers went to waste by packing them up for the journey home.

Exclusive Insights and Future Releases

As the afternoon unfolded, we were all treated to an exclusive preview of upcoming releases and updates for the next season. Including a sneak peek into the Spring/Summer 2024 collection—a privilege reserved only for only Up and Running.

Running through the Streets

With the sun shining brightly, it would have been a missed opportunity not to experience a run through the picturesque parks of Birmingham. The new Hyperion and GTS 22 shoes were put to the test as participants embarked on an invigorating run, feeling the freedom and support of Brooks footwear. Despite their best efforts, Henry and the walking crew couldn't catch up with the pack of SRG t-shirt-wearing runners to snap some true action shots, but the joy of the run remained intact.

A Gift to Continue the Journey

As a token of appreciation, all attendees were gifted a brand new pair of GTS or Ghost shoes from Brooks. These coveted shoes would serve as a lasting reminder of the Insider Day experience and enable participants to continue their running journeys with comfort and confidence.

The Brooks Insider Day was an unforgettable adventure that showcased the brand's commitment to running and the joy it brings to people's lives. From delving into the brand's heritage to experiencing the fit and feel of their latest shoe models, every moment was filled with inspiration and excitement. The day concluded with a run through beautiful Birmingham parks, leaving everyone with a sense of accomplishment given the glorious weather … and heat. Brooks and Up and Running's partnership promises an exciting future, where runners of all levels can find their stride and embrace their path to greatness.