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Heart Research UK

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The Mission

Together, Up & Running and Heart Research UK will inspire people to take up running, and keep running, to help prevent heart disease, taking a powerful message about the benefits of running into their local communities.

The partnership aims to raise £30,000 per year which will be invested in life-saving research as a well as delivering healthy heart interventions. Health check days will be held in stores over the next 3 years and together we will be encouraging more people to get up and running, to support their own heart health.

Aligning entirely with Heart Research UK’s mission to reduce the number of people developing and dying from heart disease, while improving and extending the lives of those affected, this is a truly purposeful partnership.

We are both passionate about supporting our communities to keep active and stay healthy. Please join us and support us, as together we take on heart disease.

* Pennies will be arriving in store . and online very soon. Pennies, ensure that every penny you give goes to charity: 90% to Heart Research UK (registered charity no. 1044821) and 10% to Pennies (registered charity no. 1122489). If you would like to know anymore of the details around what we are doing or would like to fundraise for this partnership please contact us on