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Adidas Manchester Marathon - Meet Tom



Our team had the chance to win a place for the Adidas Manchester Marathon, our very own Tom Long was one of the lucky winners to take the place and head to the start line in April.

Where it began for Tom

Coming from a rowing background, I only really started running properly around a year ago, but have since built up to a pretty decent programme. I've very much enjoyed learning the intricacies of how the training differs from what I'm used to, along with the freedom that a more individual based sport allows.

Setting the goal

Although I don't yet have a preferred distance as such, I really enjoyed racing in the Great North Run 2022 last year. It was a great opportunity to set down a good benchmark time and get some racing done, as well as being a nice excuse to return to the city I went to university for.

Joining Up and Running

I joined the Up & Running Teddington branch back in September 2021, and have really enjoyed my time there. The team is honestly a great bunch of people to bash out hours with, and they even have some good chat every so often. Working in a running shop around some genuinely talented runners has also done bits for my own development in the sport, and allowed me to progress much quicker than I could have otherwise.

Go to Adidas Kit

My favourite product from Adidas is currently the Takumi Sen 8. Its a fun, lightweight, and snappy fast training/racing shoe that can really help you make the most of those faster sessions. Utilising Adidas's unique ENERGYRODS system, its also a refreshing take on a lot of the other plated speed shoes out there, and one I often times prefer.

The Manchester Marathon

Having not been a dedicated runner for very long, I haven't really done many races, so I'm really looking forward to running my first marathon in such a big event. A large part of any sport is testing your limits and seeing just what you're capable of, and with a great atmosphere and a lot of other people to run with, I find that it's very easy to surprise yourself.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to running Manchester Marathon in April, and am currently enjoying the process of preparing for it.


Good luck Tom! Enjoy the training and have an amazing race, don't forget your #solarglides!