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Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2 - Shoe Review

Who needs carbon-plated? Yes, I really mean that, and it shocks me too. I thought non-carbon-plated speed shoes were a thing of the past, but it looks like the Flow Velociti Wind 2 and Under Armour are making a case for its comeback. I was a big fan of the first iteration (you can read that review here) and they are back with a vengeance (or they never actually left). 

First impressions out of the box:  

Just like the first version, the new Flow Velociti just looks ace. The Warp upper has continued, much to my approval. You also really notice how light this shoe is, in this world of weigh-nothing foams and “barely-there” uppers, the Flow Velociti 2 fits right in.  

Comfort and feel in hand are good, the shoe feels nicely made and slipping it on, you get a nice, cushioned wrap around your foot. The instep feel straight out the box is nice, but you don’t have a lot of cushioning underfoot or a super squishy midsole like you come to find in some models. That being said, it’s not a bad thing. This shoe was designed for performance, speed, and agility it’s been stripped down of elements, like the outsole, to give you a responsive and light ride. This is certainly what you pick up when first getting the shoe on.  

The midsole is the star of the Flow Velociti 2, just like the first volume it features the Under Armour Flow technology, which eliminates any need for outsole rubber, of course this creates a lightweight to the shoe but also as they suggest, and you can feel a more seamless transition from landing through to toe off. 

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2 Shoe Review

Fit and the width?  

 I’ve had no issues with the width of these, as the theme of this review is going, there’s no change to the previous model. Go true to size with the Flow Velociti 2 and you’ll be fine!  

The fit is nice and snug, thanks to that Warp upper which really locks down the foot. There is no excess movement, you don’t get any feeling the shoe isn’t supporting you. The shoe is also really nice and breathable, wearing the Flow Velociti 2 with a pair of the Stance light socks meant my my feet never overheated.  

How has the product changed from earlier versions? 

It hasn't.

No that’s not a joke, there haven’t been any updates to the shoe. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing is your personal perception. Yes, not having any real changes to the shoe might not justify putting a number 2 at the end of it. But on the other hand, I find it somewhat refreshing that Under Armour has stayed true to this shoe. They hit the nail on the head with what they aimed at the first-time round, so should they change a bunch of stuff just for the sake of it? That’s up to you. Personally, I really like this shoe. It offers a point of difference in my rotation and if you’re more of a one shoe for everything kind of person that also likes a fast snappy ride then it's right up your street.  

Is it good all-rounder, where does it work best? 

 I haven’t tested it over a long run, but I do think it could hold up over a 3-to-5-hour marathon range, anymore and you might want more cushioning underfoot and any quicker you’ll probably be looking at a carbon-plated racer anyway!  

For me this shoe sits beautifully as an interval, 10k distance shoe that can be worn when you’re feeling good and want to go quick. I've taken it out for some runs over 5 miles which have been enjoyable, to see how it looks in motion then check out our social video here

Is there anything you are unsure about with the shoes?  

Nothing causes me to rethink this shoe, as we mentioned nothing has technically changed in the shoe. So, for some people this is a red flag, but if you can look past or just don’t care then you’ll learn to love this shoe.  

One thing I would avoid is really muddy paths, the design on the outsole, means you aren’t ever getting the mud out of the Flow midsole pattern!  

Final thoughts on the Flow Velociti 2. 

Overall, this shoe is once again just really nice. Snappy ride, lightweight and breathable it offers a lot. I’d certainly put it up against the likes of the adidas Adios or Boston, the Puma Deviate Nitro or the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel and Brooks Hyperion Tempo. If you are in the market for a lighter shoe, that can be pretty versatile in distances from 5k through to a half-marathon then this is one to consider.  

To explore the Flow Velociti 2 and the full range from Under Armour, then head click here.

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