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Who are Pulseroll?

Pulseroll is a wellness brand that specialise in recovery products, designed with you in mind. With a range of muscle recovery equipment, that focuses on getting you back to performing your best. The range includes vibrating foam rollers, massage guns and peanut massage balls that were designed to aid your recovery and pain relief, prevent injury, and help with rehabilitation from any ongoing niggles.

pulseroll recovery range

Feel the vibes!

Discover the power and benefits of vibration technology on your recovery. The Pulseroll range can help with;  

- Reducing DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and next-day soreness.

- Reducing muscular pain and fatigue.

- Increasing blood flow to help flush away lactic acid from muscles.

- Encouraging a thorough warm-up and readiness for exercise.

- Recover faster from injury and prevent unwanted niggles.

Pulseroll helps all areas of exercise, from warm-up right through to recovery, they are the holistic brand that should be in every athlete's kit bag!

Recovery your way

We aren't all built the same, and we don't all recover the same, this is something Pulseroll know and understand.

Their products have a range of strength settings to control the level of vibration depending on the intensity you prefer. They know we don't all have the same time to commit to recovery as we would like that's why they created their range of recovery products so you can get the benefits of sports massage from the comfort of your sofa.

The percussion massage gun and the mini massage gun are excellent for self-massage as they come with a range of different fittings to specifically target any trigger points you may have.

pulseroll massage gun

Pick up your Pulseroll recovery products in store.

You can now pick up your favourite Pulseroll products in select Up & Running shops. Browse the range of mini massage guns, vibrating foam rollers and massage balls in our Manchester, Teddington and Chiswick shops.

pulseroll vibrating foam roller

Roll with it

Foam rolling has been a great way to help recovery from running or exercise, but now with the addition of vibration, your recovery can be. even greater. Vibration therapy is very effective, especially when it is applied directly to the muscle giving you maximum effect.

The Pulseroll recovery range was designed to reach all muscles and areas of the body. The Pulseroll foam roller gives a great holistic massage of the large muscle groups, or you can get precise with the Pulseroll massage gun. Being able to target troublesome areas make this one of the best massage guns on the market.

You can explore the full recovery range below.