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Dan Cheeseman

Career Journey

  • Kingston Store Manager
  • Surbiton Store Manager (Larger Store Relocation from Kingston) 
  • Regional Manager for the London/South area
  • Retail Operations Manager

What’s your favourite thing about U&R?

I've always enjoyed the balance at U&R, being able to balance work with training and life outside of work, something which I struggled with in previous jobs.

I also love building a local community around the stores, seeing the positive effects this has on people's physical and mental well-being.

What’s your favourite brand?

New Balance, I've really enjoyed running in the 1080v12 and Fuelcell Elite v2 recently.

What advice would you give someone starting out at U&R?

 Put ideas forward and try anything that you think might benefit the store! U&R is fantastic in that stores have the autonomy to explore their own ideas, as each area of the country is slightly different.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?

I love seeing the development of product in footwear and apparel. It's great to be able to test shoes too, sometimes even before they are released to the public.

What are you passionate about?

I really want to help make U&R a one stop-shop for everyone. Creating a friendly environment in store, and building a community for people to be able to come in and always receive fantastic service and friendly advice.