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Who are Altra?

Following years of experimentation, innovation and development in the USA, Altra brought 3 new running technologies to the UK. The FootShape toe box, Balanced Cushioning and Fit4Her technology brought an alternative to many and has provided relief for those with significant foot conditions. 

One for the road...

Designed to provide a natural running technique, the FootShape toe box allows your toes to spread out naturally and relax to improve your stability and power during your run.  A wide toe box is used to target conditions such as bunions, neuromas, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, but it has also been found to help maintain comfortable and efficient running for hours on end. The balanced cushioning (zero drop) means that the heel and forefoot are an equal distance from the ground to encourage better form and a low-impact landing. 

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For off-road adventurers

Out on the trails, the Lone Peak is ready to conquer any trails. With StoneGuard, Balanced Cushioning, a FootShape toe box and MaxTrac for grip and traction, you’ll be bossing those trails. 

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