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Karhu Ikoni - Shoe Review

Thanks again to Harry from Up & Running Nottingham who has tried and tested the Karhu Ikoni Ortix. Let's dive in and see what he thinks!

Drop: 8mm Weight: 272g / 9.6 oz Stack Height:

First impressions out of the box:

I really liked the design of the Karhu Ikoni. The build quality seemed impressive, and I would say that they’re on the firmer side of cushioning, but this has softened upon subsequent runs. I’m currently on 30 miles in them and the sole seems to have levelled off, making them one of the better shock-absorbing trainers that I’ve tried.

Fit and width:

The Karhu Ikoni’s first step-in was soft and supportive, perfect for someone who is prone to occasionally over-pronating. The midfoot felt nice and supportive too, meaning I felt confident to turn up the pace. In line with the rest of the Karhu shoes, the ideal-knit materials used to construct the shoe felt super open and breathable, with a nice roomy toe-box, making them an ideal piece of summer running gear. Like the Karhu Fusion, there is the option of the Karhu Ikoni Ortix Hivo; a wide-fit running trainer.

Kahru Ikoni Product

How has the product changed from earlier versions?

Whilst I’ve not tried its predecessor, the Karhu Ikoni 2021, in comparison to the Karhu Fusion 2022 (read the full review here) in the Karhu running range, these feel less a cushioned and more supportive training shoe, but equally energetic enough to propel me forward.

Is it a good all-rounder, or specific for a certain type of run?

The Karhu Ikoni is a great all-rounder. I would say they’re a comfortable long-distance running shoe, but fastwitch enough to allow me to turn it up or do some tempo running - the kind of shoe a runner needs if they’re going on holiday and packing light!

Where does it work best?

The half-length Fulcrum and propulsion limit lend themselves to running on pavements and hard-packed ground, but equally, they’d feel great around a firm grass pitch. They seem happier to me when running a little faster than a jog.

Is there anything you are unsure about with the shoes?

The heel was a little slippery on the heel counter, due to the heel collar padding being lower than I’ve experienced before. To counter this, a good heel lock and ensuring the foot is as far back into the heel counter as possible is advisable. All in all, the Ikoni 2022’s are a versatile, neutral running shoe and I look forward to trying the rest of the Karhu running range.

Check out the full Karhu running shoe collection just here.



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