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Karhu Fusion - Shoe Review

Rob and Mo from Up & Running Nottingham have taken to the Finish Running brand, Karhu, to try out the Karhu Fusion 2022. Read on to see what they think!

Drop: 6mm Weight: 300g Stack height: 24mm

First impressions out of the box:

The Karhu Fusion 2022 shoes looked extremely premium and smart, meaning that they could also be used as everyday shoes. The breathable upper mesh was very appealing to me, as I would also prefer to use them as daily trainers that embody the Karhu tradition, whilst maintaining a sleek and slim design.

Fit and width:

The Karhu Fusion 2.0 fits me true to size, although some people might need to go up a half a size depending on their foot shape. The upper is seamless which makes the shoes very comfortable. I have managed to run a couple of 50+ mile weeks to fully test out the shoes and have noticed that the overall fit is slightly snug. The Karhu shoes are suitable for most runners, however, there is the HI-VO, which is one of the best training shoes for wide feet, providing that extra room around the toe box.

Karhu Ikoni Product

How has the product changed from earlier versions?

The ride and cushioning of the Karhu Fusion have been completely overhauled from the previous Karhu 2021 trainers. The most noticeable difference is the shortened heel Fulcrum, making a forefoot strike more achievable alongside the addition of a lower drop. The overall ride is significantly softer than the previous models, positioning them as a top cushioned running shoe. The Karhu Fusion 2022 is a great option for an overall training shoe, as well as being a high mileage running shoe.

Is it a good all-rounder or specific for a certain type of run?

To give context, I have tested these shoes out for well over 6 weeks at an average of 50+ miles a week. The new increased midsole height in the forefoot makes the Karhu Fusion a perfect easy day running shoe, as well as great for faster tempo runs. I felt like these shoes would also work well for those who prefer a slightly firmer ride for mileage, which contains elements of both guidance and support.

Is there anything you are unsure about with the shoes?

I found that I accustomed myself to the unique fulcrum feature relatively quickly, which resulted in an overall more natural running movement. The only downside for me was the minimal midsole cushioning in the shoes, so if you're looking for softer cushioning to prevent injury, there are alternative models in the Karhu running range, such as the Ikoni Ortix.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance, durability, and price tag. The signature comfortable fit and sleek Karhu sports aesthetics lent the trainers well to everyday use and so, I would recommend them as multipurpose addition to your shoe collection.

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