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Best Running Shoes for Winter 2022

Every year when those chilly mornings start and the first of the frost arrives, it can be all too easy to think 'there goes my consistency of training’ and resign ourselves to a few months of interrupted running, due to the wintery conditions!  

This doesn't have to be the case and we've put together a list of some of our favourites for the months ahead.

Hybrid / Door-to-trail

1. ASICS Novablast 3 TR (Explore here)

This shoe is like the adventurous little brother in the ASICS line-up. Super energetic and not afraid of a little mud! The TR is a grippier more beefed-up version of the Novablast 3. But with this rugged look you won’t forfeit performance as it’s still one of the most cushioned shoes out there. 

This is our top pick for all you urban explorers, those frosty pavements won't slow you down, and unlike a full-blown trail shoe on road, neither will the Novablast 3 TR. 

The only downside to the ASICS Novablast 3 TR is if you're planning a route through really deep, wet mud, this shoe just won't cut the mustard. But we imagine you'll be reaching for your devoted trail shoe anyway for this type of jaunt.  

2. Saucony Ride TR (Coming soon)

The Ride TR, like the Novablast 3 TR, is billed as the more durable road shoe that is perfectly placed for urban trails or running all winter long in the city.  

The Saucony Ride TR isn't afraid of the conditions, it'll be calling your name from the shoe rack, even when there's a dusting of snow cover! A road shoe, that offers traction like a trail shoe? What's not to love!  

Cons: there isn't much to go against this shoe, other than you probably won’t get far on really wet muddy surfaces, but then you wouldn’t want to get them dirty anyway, they are a stunner of a shoe! 

3. Altra Outroad (Explore here)

For those who crave natural motion, the Altra Outroad with its balanced cushioning loves a trip off the beaten path! 

A true door-to-trail shoe, the Outroad will be your trusty companion, with grip for all winter and light trails, plus cushioning in abundance! 

On the downside to the Outroad, similar to the other hybrid style shoes, it doesn’t have deep lugs for the wet stuff. 

Trail running shoes 

4. New Balance Hierro v7 (Explore here)

The Hierro has those real trail running credentials. An outsole that grips you better than it looks and a durable upper that will last all winter and more! The Vibram outsole makes light work of icier conditions and when we get to December and January, you’ll appreciate the deeper lugs that this model provides, and you will be ready to explore more rugged trails in the Hierro.  

Any negatives? Hard to find any, as this shoe also boosts up to 50% recycled content in the upper. But if we had to, we'd say that you might want something a bit more aggressive in lug depth and space for any debris to evacuate from between the lugs. So you aren't carrying a ton of mud around!  

5. Salomon Ultra Glide (Coming soon)

Maximum cushioning for mixed terrain. What a lovely mix! The Salomon Ultra Glide should not be overlooked if you go for high stack cushioning in your road running shoe. Plenty of grip and directional lugs on the bottom make this an impressive option which will take you all the way through winter!  

We also have to give an honorary mention to the Salomon lacing system - an unsung hero when you have cold hands. Who likes untying your laces when it's nearly 0 degrees!  

That said, for some runners the Quicklace system can take a while to adapt to. 

All out Trails / Fells

6. Peregrine 12 ST (Explore here)

We couldn't write a top winter running shoes blog without mentioning the Peregrine! Not just the standard Peregrine 12, but the ST version. The must-wear shoe in the wet and deep mud! Specialising in 'Soft Terrain' the Peregrine ST has deep lugs for snow, wet mud and pretty much anything that trail running can throw at you! 

Downside, only one is you won't be wanting to spend much time on the road or hard ground. The soft compound outsole will wear down, but then again that is not what it is designed for. A bit like trying to take a Ferrari up a farmer's track, you can but why on earth would you?  

7. Inov-8 Trailfly G270 (Explore here)

Last, but not least is a classic from the hills of the British countryside. The Trailfly G270 with its Graphene based outsole has that perfect trifecta of sticky grip, deep lugs and durable midsole. Any condition and this shoe is holding steadfast! 

Similar to the Outroad, this shoe is zero-drop so if you are not used to it, you might need a little transition time. However, as it is a trail shoe, you won't notice the drop when you’re up and down the fells in the Lake District. 

So that was it, a quick-fire list of some exciting releases coming this winter which should give you an insight if you're thinking of investing in your running this winter and keeping that momentum going right through to spring!



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