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Running the streets of London: Ironmate Mark

After Mark finished last in a school cross country his sports teacher said, "Mark you could never run a marathon" 11 years later Mark heard about the first London marathon, entered got a place having never run further than 10 miles. He successfully completed it in 3 hours and has the marathon bug ever since.

Mark has covered more than 61,000 miles since he started training for the marathon. He has a London marathon personal best of 2:24:40 from 1985, finishing 112th overall and has run the London marathon 7 times (1981 - 1983 -1984 1990 - 1993 and 1999).

Mark has been trying for 25 years to run the marathon again, he never gave up on his dream and has very lucky to win the Up & Running London marathon competition to run this year.

Having raised thousands of pounds for charities over the last 40 years, this year he is running for himself. He prides himself on not getting injured, by rotating his running shoes on a regular basis and buying new shoes before they are worn out.

Mark is an endurance coach and has clients also running in this year’s London marathon.


1981 - 29th March 1981

Some facts from the 1981 race.

One mass start! No zones, no different waves as there are now.

  1. Over a 50% chance of running - less than twice as many entered as got a place.
  2. Confirmation of your race was sent in the post back then, 2 weeks before all the details sent out and where to collect your running number. 
  3. Everyone had the same gun time when the gun went off.
  4. No chip timing back then, if it took you 6 minutes to cross the start line, that was included in your finish time. 
  5. The Daily Mail produced daily results each day of finishers. 
  6. Official result was sent in the post within 14 days along with your certificate.
  7. Free travel around London on marathon day upon producing your race number. 



2024 - 21st April 2024 

  1. 50,000 runners, many thousands raining money for charity. 
  2. Confirmation received via email with weekly updates by email.
  3. Pacemakers with large banners for many different finish times.
  4. Four colour starts and more than 15 waves per start.
  5. Carbon shoes, high tech, quick-drying run gear
  6. Marathon results instant, by text or on line seconds after crossing the finish line. 
  7. London marathon app to track loved ones, friends, club mates or family every 5km.
  8. Free London marathon travel upon producing your race number still in place.
  9. The London spirit and the unwavering crowd support along the route makes the marathon a glorious event in the running calendar.



    Mark is an advanced performance coach helping all ages and abilities achieve their ambitions and potential.

    Mark has completed 1,300 events worldwide and has more than 300 medals and is marathon ready, he’s covered an impressive 12,000 miles swimming 198,000 miles cycling & running 61,000 miles (270,000 miles / 432,000 kilometres) since 1980!

    Find out more about Mark and his coaching here:



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