Can movement uplift a whole town?

We are joining ASICS on 25th September for a unique experiement in Retford, Nottinghamshire. We are going to be helping them see if we can uplift the mood of the whole town through movement and running! The experiement is the first of it's kind and wil be over seen by mental health and movement expert, Dr. Brendon Stubbs.

Let's get Retford Up & Running!

Residents will be invited to move for 20 minutes and measure the impact before and after exercise using the Mind Uplifter tool. The results will help prove the positive impact of exercise on the mood of the whole town. We are there to help spread the message and get as many people as possible involved, our staff will be leading a short run similar to our Social Run Group where no one is left behind and everyone is welcome!

To sign up ahead of the event and be involved you can find all the information here.

Uplift the mind

We have all felt the benefits of running on the body and mind, the rush of endorphins mid run, the enduring smile and sense of accomplishment when we have finished. Now with the help of the ASICS Mind Uplifter Tool we can visually see how a run can uplift our mind.

The unique tool will form the basis of the pilot experiement taking place in Retford this Saturday.

You can join in the fun too by using the Mind Uplifter Tool to see how movement can change your mood.

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