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Who are Mizuno?

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1906, Mizuno have been reaching beyond and using the expertise gained through years of experience and research to perfect the sweet spot between stability and the right amount of cushioning. Mizuno manufacture footwear and apparel for many different sports including running shoes.

One for the road...

For road runners the introduction of Enerzy technology brings a higher than ever energy return and softness. From the range of Mizuno men’s running shoes, there’s a shoe for you whatever your running ambitions. 

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For off-road adventurers

Explore your adventurous side in the Mizuno Wave Daichi. Truly adaptable on the ground with multidirectional traction from the rubber outsole and XtaRide technology to ensure you are always in tune with the ground beneath you. 

Going green

Mizuno have made big strides forward in its sustainability programme by ditching the plastic wave plate in the Wave Rider 24 and replacing it with a plate made from a sustainable, bio-based polymer which is derived from castor beans! It’s also good to know that all Mizuno running shoes are now vegan, so that’s good news for the planet whether you’re vegan or not.