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World Mental Health Day 2021 and the power of running with the ASICS Frontrunners

We spoke to Evan Sully and Sally Brinder from the ASICS Frontrunner UK crew, to talk to them about their journey in the sport and how running helps them on a daily basis! 

Both Evan and Sally have incredible stories that are equally inspirational and motivating, both never settling, they continually inspire people around them. Even with their list of incredible achievements running and life isn't always easy and straight forward, so keep reading on if you want to feel inspired and learn a little bit about how running and movement can set you up a great day and some wonderful moments! 

Evan's story

Being born with a life sentence has always meant trying to defy the odds. Having Cystic Fibrosis means having a life expectancy of 32 years. I’m stubborn, so I worked hard to try not to become another statistic. My hope is to show people, especially those with Cystic Fibrosis, that you can defy what your expectations

Because of this, I see running in two ways. The first is the reset it gives my mind. Once you have a calm and sound mind, everything else in your day will follow suit.  Secondly, the way it helps with my Cystic Fibrosis is hard to quantify on paper, but it is absolutely magic, 

My first pair of trainers were the ASICS Kayano and for many years they were my go-to, being able to lace up and head out the door in a pair I loved made running so simple and easy. Nowadays my favourite pair of trainers to run in really depends on the task at hand, for longer type runs it’s the ASICS Meta Speed Sky and for shorter track or speed work it would have be the ASICS MetaRacer.


ASICS frontrunner world mental health day

Running in ASICS now I have the same feeling, it’s so simple to lace up and go.

I use running and movement as a way to listen to a podcast. Mostly running related but sometimes I will listen to the Tommy, Hector and Laurita Podcast. They are hilarious. I think people seeing me run must think I love running way too much given I am always laughing with the podcast.

Running to me is about defying the odds, clearing my head from the day I’ve had or to set me. up for the day, and to enjoy some podcasts and music! You’ll hear my pumping, Eminems “Til I Collapse”, when I am getting hyped on a run!

Sally's story

I’m Sally and I’m a member of the ASICS FrontRunner UK team. I still have to pinch myself when I say or write that as it was a dream come true to be selected as a FrontRunner.


ASICS frontrunner world mental health day

I discovered the joy and benefits of running in later life after battling the anxiety and depression that came with the menopause.

I ran my first marathon aged 53 after which I was hooked on that ‘finish line feeling’ but more importantly how it made me feel both mentally and physically. Now 58, and with five marathons and one ultra under my belt, running is still my ‘go to’ in respect of my mental fitness.

I love to challenge age perceptions and assumptions of what women can/should be doing at this time of life and am intrigued to find out what my mind and body are still capable of achieving. 

As a result, I aim to inspire other women to keep moving. Running brings so many positives into my life and whilst it’s become my natural mechanism for staving off the ageing process both physically and mentally I also think I’m probably my happiest when I’m out running wearing my running kit!

Running is such an inclusive and accessible sport, this World Mental Health Day we are working with ASICS to build the awareness of power running and movement can have. ASICS are a brand the believe in a sound mind in a sound body, that running and mental health are synonymous. To check out the range from ASICS and see how their products could help you, click here



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