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What Is SRG?

Serious Running Goals? Most definitely not, Swift Run Gang? Not quite although it might be.

It is in fact Social Run Group – because we are a group, we do run and we’re very very social.

Running with a Social Run Group is about more than just putting on a pair of running shoes and heading out of the door. It’s about being part of a community, where every member motivates each other to achieve their own personal fitness goals.

There's no fee to join and no fee to run. Run with us every week, or once a month.

If you’re new to running, SRG is the perfect place to start. Whatever your pace, we are very inclusive. You can run as part of a group without fear of holding others up. It’s not about how quick you can run 5K, but about being part of the group.

Faster runners loop back and end up doing more mileage and we stop every so often to allow the group to regather.

There’s always a run leader and always a back marker, with ambassadors in between, so you’ll never feel alone. For new runners there’s the comfort of a pack, for more experienced runners there’s the opportunity to support and motivate others, passing on your running knowledge.

How old do you need to be?

12 and 13 year olds must run with their parent or guardian. 14 - 17 year olds can run without their adult but must have their parent/guardian's consent. This will be collected at registration.

SRG gives you the chance to be involved with a fun and friendly group and to share your experience and enthusiasm with others – as well as the chance to squeeze an extra 5K into your running week.

How It Works

SRG takes place all over the country, setting off for a 5K run from your local Up & Running shop, once a week.

Some groups offer extra runs in the week, whether these are recces of races, trail runs in the summer or rural headtorch runs in the winter.

We often have brand events when you can try out different shoes and sometimes, we have electronics events to try out the latest running watches or accessories.





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