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What are the best running socks for me? Our guide to finding the right running socks.

Our Running Sock Buying Guide 

Arguably, after your running shoes, the right running sock is the next important piece of kit. Often overlooked, there are some important distinctions with a technical running sock over your everyday casual pair. Keep reading to find out what a technical running sock can give you.  

Why bother with socks at all?  

Well first and foremost, it’s to compliment your running shoes. They go hand in hand and like any good double act they thrive when they are together! A good technical running sock will give you.  

  • Comfort  
  • Prevent you from getting blisters  
  • Provide you with additional support, specifically around your foot arch  
  • Wick moisture away from the skin 
  • Help you to regulate heat  
  • Make you feel good 

Some brands like Hilly, SealSkinz and Stance, have running socks with additional features such as.  

  • Anti-odour technology  
  • To aide you your recovery time, getting you ready for your next run 
  • Water resistance or waterproof  

Running Sock Buying Guide


What is the right type of running sock for me? 

This depends on various factors such as, where you are planning to run and how far. If you are tackling a road marathon then a well-cushioned running sock will be best, if you are trying to break your 5K PB in a super quick road race then you’ll want to opt for something lighter, with less cushioning. 

These basic questions are a great guide to help you on your way to finding the right running sock.  

  1. The longer you are going to be on your feet for, the more cushioning you are going to want. This one goes without saying protect your feet and give yourself every chance of crossing that finish line! 
  2. The opposite is true for a shorter race distance. Cushioning becomes less important and the weight of the sock will become the key factor. The extra weight you are carrying will slow you down, so if you are after a fast time then go for a slim or lightweight running sock! 
  3. Where are you heading? If you are going on the trails, a higher length sock might be more comfortable to protect your ankles from debris kicking up off the trails or to prevent dirt from getting in-between your skin and sock (Ouch)! 
  4. The colder the temperature you are running in the thicker your running sock should be. Adversely if it’s hotter, then you guessed it, a thinner sock will help you keep cool. 
  5. Looking like it’s going to rain or is it a snow day then opt for the waterproof option; you’ll thank us for it when you are back! Long exposure to moisture can soften the skin and cause irritation. 
  6. Heading out at night or in the early morning, look for some hints of yellow or reflectivity in your running socks.  
  7. Do you want to express yourself? This one is personal preference, but you ideally want to look forward to donning your running kit and heading out for a run, so go for a sock that suits your style! Match them with your latest running shoes or just because it’s your favourite colour, a running sock is a great way to put your stamp on things! 

              All these factors will need to be taken into consideration when buying the right running sock. You can find a great range of technical running socks here at Up & Running, head to our collection online or you can pop into your local Up & Running store and browse their range today. 





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