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Under Armour Hovr Guardian 3 - Shoe Review

A highly cushioned supportive road shoe - perfect for long runs with embedded tech for on the run coaching

3.7 out of 5 rating | Weight –  297(men’s) | weight – 249g (women’s) | Drop – 8mm | Stability Cushioned Road Shoe | £115 

First impressions out of the box:

Brad saysWhen opening the shoebox, you are presented with the Hovr foam technology, which although is not new in itself has been redesigned to be more breathable and light which for me is an important factor when it comes to any running shoe. The black colour of the shoe also appeals to me as I can use it throughout the year. 

Allison saysI’m sure there are many out there like me, who know what they like, and which brands work for them. Under Armour is not a brand I’m familiar with, so to be given the Under Armour Hovr Guardian 3 to test and review, is going to be interesting. First thoughts, it looks quite sassy, the heel cup is nicely cushioned, the tongue is soft and plush and there is a very flexible tongue gusset which will cuddle the foot beautifully. There is the added bonus of connecting your run up to MapmyRun through the sensor in the shoe, which may contribute to my training. We’ll see! It’s not a gimmick that would normally appeal to me, but for tech-fans this is a plus. 

Our thoughts:

Brad saysSuper springy and cushioned the Under Armour Hovr Guardian 3 is an exciting step up from the previous version the Guardian 2. There are a number of important differences between both the shoes including extra comfort and responsiveness. 
Personally, being allowed to test these shoes was an exciting experience. I would definitely recommend them to runners who prefer a soft type of running shoe as the Hovr cushioning provides a smooth and comfortable run. The Hovr cushioning in the shoe also provides a springy and responsive feel which I really noticed when running in them. 

Allison says: The Hovr Guardian 3 is quite a bit lighter than the Guardian 2 so it’s already scoring points with me, added to that this latest version benefits from a dual density midsole with added support on the medial midfoot to transition the foot smoothly. 
Actually, these shoes are quite a surprise, particularly considering their lower price point - they feel really comfortable on. Out on the first run, I’m already deciding that they’re likely to be a recovery or longer run shoe. I don’t think I will be wearing them for race day or for hard training sessions, but as the run progresses, I’m liking them more and more.  
I’m able to comfortably push through to pick up some speed and I’m getting a good response and good energy return. 
Add to that, it’s a really good price point for a well-thought-out shoe with some superior characteristics, that will serve a regular runner well. 

Fit and width: 

Brad says: After running in the Hovr Guardian 3 several times, I was particularly impressed by the supportive feel of the shoe, and the fit of the shoe around the upper. Under Armour highlight that the carbon rubber in the shoe creates a more secure feel, and although I am not a fan of a low heel on a running shoe they still worked really well and kept my foot nice and secure. 

Allison says: The fit is good, half to one size up from every day shoes is perfect, and the width is really comfortable. As suspected the tongue gusset makes for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Where it works best

Brad says The engineered mesh upper on the shoe has a very unique and different feel however, I think this would be a good option for most runners from 5k up to marathon distance. For me the Under Armour Guardian 3 is a shoe which I will personally be using for my long-distance runs, because they have plenty of cushioning for to protect me on the longer distance.  Inevitably this adds an extra bit of weight to the shoe which means it would not be suitable for those runners who are looking for a shoe which is extremely light. I would stick to my Under Armour Velociti Wind's for my shorter, faster runs. 

Allison says: With its great cushioning, I’m likely to save these for longer or more laid-back runs, that said – if I suddenly needed to pick up the pace, then it wouldn’t hold me back. The carbon rubber in the heel adds to the shoe’s durability so you should see many miles from a pair of Guardian 3s. 

Any sticking points... 

Brad says: The Hovr foam technology does provide a soft and cushioned feel which Under Armour highlight as a key feature. However, one sticking point for me was that the toe box did feel a little narrow, however, I am sure this is something I will get used to as most running shoes are going in this direction to provide a more secure fit. 

Allison says: It’s a great shoe, and I haven’t got anything negative to say. I’m not too fond of the white colour way though, as I do tend to get my shoes dirty really quickly. The black option, for me, would give the shoe more longevity.


This shoe has been tested by Allison and guest reviewed by Bradley from our Leeds City Centre store. They have run in the shoes for a minimum of 4 weeks or about 50 miles before submitting their reviews. The scores they have given the shoes are based on their experiences, their running styles and their training types. These shoes were gifted by Under Armour for the purpose of this review, no input was made by Under Armour. The views are entirely that of our testers.


Hi I’m Allison,

I’m a trail runner by heart, but I do like to road run too. I try to get 20-30 miles in each week, usually running on the road during the week and a long off-road run on the weekends. I’ve been running regularly for about 15-20 years and get my miles in by run-commuting, accompanying my grandson on junior parkrun, running with the SRG and making sure I get a long run in on a weekend.




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