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The Kit List Essentials for Your Next PB

Who made such a simple sport so confusing? Well, we are here to help cut through the noise. Here are the running kit essentials to help you achieve your next PB.

5 km

The ultimate combination of speed endurance and mental strength, the 5 km distance is both rewarding yet gruelling. Here are our kit essentials to help you power through the dreaded middle kilometres: 

Shoes:  Lightweight, breathable & responsive

Fastening up a pair of lightweight, responsive trainers will give you a spring in your step to head to the start line. Carbon plate technology creates the perfect cutting edge to improve your running economy, without sacrificing comfort. Choose a mesh upper design, for a breathable yet snug fit, the perfect pair for a secure and speedy finish. Find your best 5k shoe with our Shoe Finder here.

Socks: Tabbed and air-cushioned support

Like they say, you’re only as good as your socks, right? Stride towards a pair of comfortable and lightweight socks, designed with channelled air cushioning that will give you support in all the right places with a no-nonsense performance at every ask.

Shorts: Breathable mesh fabric

Opting for a mesh fabric provides the moisture management, enhanced ventilation and unrivalled comfort you need to push through the laps with maximum comfort. Do your bit for the planet and set the pace with a pair made from recycled materials with the Pressio Arahi shorts.

Top: Lightweight mesh fabric

For when ventilation and keeping cool is essential to performance, a lightweight mesh aids in preventing the uncomfortable feeling of overheating. 

Optional accessories: Polarised sunglasses

To protect your eyes during those sunny mid-week runs. A pair of classic shape sunglasses fit the face perfectly to prevent any uncomfortable bouncing. Polarised design reduces glare whilst protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Doubling up as a practical and stylish accessory to keep you performing high and looking cool in the mid-race photos. Upgrade your sunglasses selection with our full range eyewear.



As much a test of patience and willpower as a test of endurance, your kit needs to go the distance. Here are our essentials for crushing the marathon: 

Shoes: Carbon plated, lightweight & responsive

Getting kitted up with a full-length carbon plate is indispensable when it comes to race day. Pair with the plush feel from foam technology along with a rubber outsole design, to give you the perfect combination for both cushioned support and propulsion, so that you can go the full distance.

Socks: Anatomical cushioning and anti-odour

The anti-odour control keeps you feeling fresh from kilometre 1 to kilometre 42. Anatomical cushioning provides support in all the key pressure areas, keeping you comfortable the entire distance. Take a look at our Hilly Collection here

Shorts: Lightweight and split-cut design

Lightweight Stretch woven fabric with split cut design provides maximum mobility for your stride. A nice addition is water-protected dry pockets, allowing you to keep small items safe and with you for the entire run. 

Top: Breathable and cooling fabric

A must-have top for marathon day is an odour-resistant, cooling fabric and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and cling-free whilst pacing through the miles.

Optional extras: Anti-chafe balm

To protect your skin from rubbing, creating a long-lasting shield against chafing, irritation and raw skin. The optimal accessory for a (somewhat) pain-free marathon. Stock up on Bodyglide anti-chafe balm here.

Trail/Ultra Trail

It is time to go off-road and hit the trails. Here are our kit picks for running in its purest form: 

Shoes: Protective plate

Grip and comfort are essential to making trail running easier. A protective plate prevents debris and stones from causing discomfort underfoot, giving you the perfect combination of flexibility whilst preventing discomfort underfoot. The rugged look of the Brooks Cascadia makes this the key shoe for your upcoming trail races.

Socks: Anti blister and multiple pairs

A contoured sock that moulds the foot whilst leaving room to move, gives the optimal support whilst avoiding blisters. Just make sure to pack more than one pair of it is an ultra you are preparing for. 

Shorts: Double layered and relaxed fit

Reaching for the double-layered shorts with a well-fitted inner lining gives extreme comfort for completing your trail. Extra pockets and storage loops give you the ideal space for storing your inner-race fuelling snacks without being weighed down.

Top: Storage and lightweight

Because there is no harm in having more storage. A lightweight and breathable top, that is elasticated for a perfect and secure fit. The Ronhill Tech Ultra 1/2 Zip Tee is perfect for an ultra-trail, take a look at our full Trail range to find your perfect fit.

Additional accessories: 

When battling the off-road, nutrition is key to give you that extra boost on route. Some of our top recommendations are;
  • Clif energy bars - a delicious mid-run snack that really hits the spot 
  • BLOKS energy chews - for a quick fix that does not sacrifice flavour 
  • Gu energy gel - to provide that energy boost you need in a small convenient package 

Find your best power-up nutrition.



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