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Shoe Review - Mizuno Wave Rider 24

Up & Running and Mizuno ambassador, Richard Jackson, has been road testing the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 to give you his opinion of this popular neutral shoe.

I am one of those runners that likes to have several shoes on the go, different shoes for different training, be it long runs, short runs, speed sessions or trail runs.

I was excited when the Enerzy midsole made its first appearance in the middle of 2020, it is the next step in shoe technology for the Wave Rider, and for definite I could feel the enhanced responsiveness combined with the benefit of great cushioning.

The Wave Rider 24 is my go-to shoe for either the long, double-digit distance runs, or the shakeout recovery runs.

Straight out of the box, the shoes felt right and looked fantastic. They were easy to get on and a perfect fit. Already I have racked up close to 200 miles and they still feel as good on the run now as they did when they were new, they fit true to size and still offer great comfort rebound from the Enerzy Midsole.

For the long runs, the shoes give me the confidence to run the bigger miles easy knowing that they will still feel comfortable hours later. I put that down to the Enerzy midsole. Every run is challenging in its own way and I like to have the right shoes for the right run whether the challenge comes from the terrain, the distance or just how I am feeling. You can feel the quality in the Wave Rider 24 and it’s clear they are built to last.

I’m a neutral runner and these shoes have been a real hit for me; I’m loving the addition of the Enerzy midsole. Mizuno has just launched a new colourway for the Wave Rider 24 and I cannot wait to get the saffron orange colourway into my shoe rotation to pep up my spring/summer training.



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