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Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 Shoe Review - The best Saucony shoe to date?

Lace ‘em or chase 'em. Your PB’s that is…  

The Endorphin Pro is back with its third iteration and it’s bigger, better, brighter and bolder than ever before! Read on to find out our first impressions and review of this incredible shoe.  

First thoughts of the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3:  

You can’t find the right superlatives to describe this shoe. We managed to pick these up at the Saucony House of Speed, Paris, for the global launch of the shoe. Saucony has managed to elevate the Endorphin range to even greater heights, quite literally when it comes to the stack!  

This Prospect Quartz colourway will turn heads but in all the right ways! A shoe designed to be seen and make a splash is living up to its reputation. It is beautifully light and the upper is comprised of a thin, barely-there material that locks the foot into place whilst giving you all the breathability you’ll ever need. 

Saucony Endorphion Pro 3 Close Up

How is the fit? 

As with the previous model it fits true to size. Frankly, there isn’t much you’re not going to love when it comes to this shoe. The initial in-step feel is even nicer due to the higher stack height and greater cushioning underfoot.  

Built using a FORMFIT design the shoe really does cradle your foot; I had no issues with the width or fit. As with previous Endorphin ranges, there isn’t any wider fitting options, so if you are needing a slightly different variation of width, going half a size up should fit you nicely. The space in the toe box is accommodating and the shoe isn’t narrow by nature. 

Welcome to the House of Speed!  

This shoe was under wraps until the global launch of the event at the House of Speed in Paris! Billed as giving you the chance to Experience the Rush, the House of Speed is a limited time pop-up location that showcases everything Saucony have thrown into the new Endorphin range. Be warned it’s lively, fun and very whacky.  

Saucony House of Speed

What’s new with the Endorphin Pro 3? 

It’s fair to say this is the first major overhaul of the Endorphin Pro since the shoe first launched back in 2019. Other than the striking new colourways the Pro 3 has been bulked up and stripped down, all in one. 

The new heights we’re talking about in this shoe relates to the stack height, and the amount of cushioning in the midsole. Saucony have now taken it right to the legal limit for competition, adding in another 4mm of that juicy POWERRUN PB cushioning to the midsole, meaning the new stack height is 39.5mm. It also retains the 8mm drop so previous lovers of the Endorphin Pro 1.0 and 2.0 will be happy.  

Taking inspiration from the limited-edition Endorphin Pro+ which launched last September, the new Endorphin has had the upper stripped back to its bare bones, moving away from the engineered mesh. The latest instalment has no added extras, it’s lightweight and incredibly breathable.  

What type of run are they the best for? 

Want to feel fast? Then these should be on your list to consider. The whole makeover and overhaul of the shoe have made an already great carbon offering, even more seductive. It’s not just the Pro 3 that has had an overhaul, at the launch event we got our hands on the incredibly popular Endorphin Speed 3. Stay tuned to hear our thoughts on this one too. With these new iterations, there is now an obvious separation between the models which previously wasn’t as noticeable. It firmly put the Endorphin Pro 3 as your all-out option and the Speed continues its rich history as one of the most versatile trainers on the market.  

Where are you going to be wearing the new Pro 3? 

The Endorphin Pro 3 has always been your race day companion, that winning formulae of high energy-returning midsole sandwiched around an explosive S-shaped carbon plate that propels you forward with every foot strike. It just makes sense for race day.  

With the introduction of legal limits for competition shoes coming into play, many Saucony fans wondered why the Endorphin Pro didn’t max out the full legal, but now this has been rectified and you’ll be happy to know this shoe is race legal.   

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 Close Up

Is there anything you are unsure about with the shoes?  

Personally, no, I love what Saucony have done, from the global launch in the House of Speed, to the bright colourway and of course the tech updates. The execution of this shoe and surrounding event has been incredible.

It’s great to see that Saucony haven’t rested on their laurels, often it can be a paralyzing thing to build on top of an already incredible range without it changing too much for the worse. Hats off though, because Saucony have done it, and if the only thing that you can say against this shoe is the price point has moved up from £190 to £210 which is steep but nothing different to other carbon racers on the market.

There are some incredible colour options lined up for the summer so if you aren’t a fan of the pink then check out the full Endorphin collection here



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