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Runr: The importance of mental health

As well as the physical benefits of running, Runr are passionate about mental health and are delighted to support mental health charities. 

In May 2018, they launched our first virtual run, Miles For Mind. The purpose of which was to bring together a community of runners to help raise awareness of mental health by running and supporting each other.


Since the launch of Miles For Mind, the running community have helped raise over £380,000 for mental health charities and Runr are looking to continue building on this total in the years to come.

With every order placed with Runr, they also commit to plant a tree which has enabled them to say over 20,000 have been planted which they're extremely proud of.

The key thing to remember is that all runners are different, no journey is the same, but everyone shares the same goal, to be a runr.

Next time you see someone wearing Runr, strike up the conversation and see where it takes you!

Team Runr.



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