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Part 4: Running Kit essentials

From couch to 5k to race day ready and from the first mile to a marathon, the right kit can make all the difference in keeping you running comfortably through the miles.  

Our kit list essentials – From the feet up! 

Once you have your new running shoes sorted, and if you need help with that see our previous how to find the shoe for you blog, it's time to sort the rest of your kit.  


Your ideal running shoes will be best paired with some technical running socks. Twin skin, marathon fresh, crew, anklet, socklet, the options are many and varied and it comes down to terrain, race distance and of course you! It's often personal preference as to what makes it the right and most comfortable sock.

Try on some of our favourites in store, from Hilly, Stance, Balega and Moggans. Shop running socks.

Tights or shorts? 

Again, this may depend on how fast you are running and how far you are going. Tights may be a smart choice for longer steadier runs in the chillier months, while shorts will be lighter and keep you cooler in the summer and when you are running faster. Whichever you choose it is worth trying them out first. Our top tip, a pocket for stashing keys or small items is a useful thing to have. For longer runs where you don’t want to carry a belt or pack, try a marathon short with gel loops and more storage. Many tights have a pocket big enough for a phone if you need to carry that while you run.

We have new collections in store from Ronhill, adidas, PUMA and New Balance and a fully sustainable offering from Pressio. Or browse our collections online.

Shop Men's running clothing here. Shop Women's clothing here.

Vest top. 

A super light and comfortable vest top is a must have for any run of any distance in any season. Use as a base layer under a long-sleeved top in the winter or on its own in the summer. Check out the Pressio, New Balance, PUMA or adidas ranges.  

Technical t-shirt.  
A great all-rounder. Under a long sleeved or a jacket in winter, on its own when its warmer. Try the Ronhill collection for inspiration. Zip it up to keep out the chills, unzip to keep you cool and comfortable and running for longer. Pressio, PUMA and Ronhill offer great options.  


Technical levels vary in running jackets – some are windproof, some showerproof, some reflective. The varying prices indicate the levels of technicality. If you are running in the winter months, this is a staple to any runner's wardrobe. If you are running in the dark look for one with reflective panels and materials to keep you safe as well as comfortable.

Ronhill offers amongst others, a Mercurial, Fortify or Afterhours jacket. Or take a look at PUMA favourite, or New Balance Impact jackets too. 



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