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Part 2: Different types of running shoes

Running shoes come in many forms, neutral, support, road, trail, fell. The options are many and it can get confusing. To make it easy we have pulled together a guide to the type of shoes to suit the running you do.  

Hit the roads in a neutral or support running shoe.  

Most often beginner runners will start with a road shoe. With a rubber sole to make sure you grip well and run safely on tarmac or pavement, a lightweight and breathable upper to keep your feet cool and comfortable and plenty of cushioning in the sole to protect your feet from the repetitive motion of running on the road.  

Running Shoes may be classed as neutral or support. To advise on whether you need a neutral or support shoe, Up & Running can also offer a free gait analysis from a trained and knowledgeable team member in the shop, who will guide you through the process and offer you suitable shoes for your running style. 

A neutral cushioned shoe can be worn by most runners and there are many great options. You should try various brands and models to suit your style of running and ultimately choosing the most comfortable for you.  

What suits you may not suit your partner or your friend, so trying on a shoe and running in it before you commit is recommended. You can ask questions and try on running shoes at any Up & Running shop.  

A support shoe, as the name suggests, offers you more support, usually in the form of a firmer foam in the midsole on the inside of your foot to stop the ankle “pronating” or rolling in too much. This helps to prevent aches and pains which can evolve over time if you are in the wrong or even a worn-out shoe. 

Our trusted brands offer fantastic options for both neutral and support shoes to make sure you run comfortably for many miles.  

Trail and off road.  

Depending on where you live and where you run, you may need a trail shoe. These have a deeper lug (grip) underneath to help keep you stable over rougher terrain. Again there is lots of choice in these and it would be worth asking one of our Up & Running team members for advice depending on the route you run locally and popping into the shop to try on the options. 

Some running shoes are even designed for fell running with a firmer ride, tougher rubber sole for traction and lighter cushioning so you can feel the rockier terrain under your feet.  

Wherever you run, there will be a shoe for you. Call into your local Up & Running for a free gait analysis, for advice or to try on the right shoe for your running needs. We look forward to seeing you soon 



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