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Oofos shoe review

First impressions

I have found the Oofos to provide a genuinely amazing degree of comfort. Before trying them, I wasn’t convinced as I expected them just to be standard flip-flops, but, like others who were hesitant, I was pleasantly surprised by the shoes. They are built with brilliant arch support that isn’t at all intrusive, whilst offering the support you expect; takes the load from the sole and adds a smooth comfortable ride.


Support and fit

I’ve recently been advised to begin wearing shoes with arch support around the house due to slightly collapsed arches. As most slippers are just cushioned rather than supportive, and for obvious reasons, I didn’t want to wear outdoor shoes around the house and a spare pair of running shoes would have been too expensive just for inside wear, Oofos are a great alternative. You can find Oofos for between £45 - 55 at Up & Running and considering their long-term benefits for your arches, this price is definitely worth the investment.

Where do you where them?

While I mainly use them as household shoes for better comfort and daily support, they are designed originally as support shoes, and so I’ve been able to wear them out and about too. I do a fair amount of exercise throughout the week anyway, so these have been great follow-ups for recovery between sessions. I also work here in the Up & Running Harrogate store, and really look forward to slipping on my Oofos after a long day on my feet. For those that like camping, they’re perfect for wearing as you’re cooking around the campfire and wipe down very easily. In a few days’ time, they’ll be joining me for a few weeks in Canada as my camp shoes!


Overall impressions

I couldn’t be more pleased with my Oofos. In terms of comfort, my feet have absolutely zero complaints – they have given my fallen arches so much more love and I’m a big advocate that everybody needs to get a pair! Shop them here.



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