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Nature Bathing - The shortcut to a Sound mind, sound body?

What is Nature bathing?  

Well as the name suggests, nature bathing is all about immersing yourself in the great outdoors. It’s a continuation from the Japanese concept of Forest Bathing which is all about relaxing, being calm, quiet and present amongst the woodland trees. The Japanese practice is known as Shinrin Yoku, and it’s well known for the positive benefits it can bring to your health and wellbeing. 

How to do Nature bathing? 

There is no set guide, it’s individual for everyone, but we have put together some tips to get you started.  

  • Find a suitable location that gives you as much exposure to nature as you can. It doesn’t need to be deep in a forest, just giving yourself more exposure than you usually get on a daily basis. 

  • Be free from distractions. Yes, that means turn your phone on silent or off so you can’t be tempted by technology.  

  • Take your time. The practice is about your immersion in nature, you can’t rush the effects. You need to slow down, be present and take in all that nature is offering.  

  • It’s all about the breath. Deep slow breaths are a great way to consciously slow yourself down.  

  • Build up over time. The more you nature bathe, the more you can run or move in nature the better you will feel. Add a little bit each time and see the benefits for yourself. 

  • Make sure you are prepared for being out in nature with the appropriate kit. 

How do I nature bathe on a run?  

This is where ASICS have continued the concept of Forest Bathing and combined it with the endorphin releasing endeavour of running. Nature Bathing from ASICS is about exposing yourself to more nature on your run. So, that might mean heading into the local park rather than laps of the block, just take that turn into nature whenever you get the chance. 

nature bathing - what is it?

A little is better than nothing at all.  

Nature bathing may not be easy for everyone. Sometimes the confines of the city or town and a fast pace of life may make it tricky for some to even imagine any form of nature bathing, but a run by the river, a lap of the park or a run to the top of a big hill to take a look at the hustle and bustle below, might be just what you need to absorb the benefits of nature without heading far from home. 

What kit do I need to Nature Bathe?  

There is no essential clothing for Nature Bathing. As you’ll be outside in mother nature of course you want to be dressed appropriately with the right clothing. When it comes to your footwear, if you are switching between the roads and trails you want a shoe that’s cushioned to protect you on the roads, but grippy enough to allow you stay in nature for that bit longer. This has been the inspiration behind the new Nature Bathing collection from ASICS, a road shoe that can take you further into nature. 

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