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Marathon must haves

Training for a marathon? Not sure what you will need?

Here at Up & Running we are here to help!

⁠Step into any of our stores and try a free gait analysis to make sure you are running in the right shoes. Ask our friendly team for advice and try on some key items of kit while you’re there.We’ve also put together a handy kit list to set you up with some training essentials.

From shoes to clothing and socks to accessories, it’s all here…

On the Run

The right running shoes for you

The most important part of your kit! The right running shoes for your gait are crucial for comfort and the key to staving off any annoying niggles. For those long runs, make sure that you are wearing a shoe with plenty of support and cushioning. To find your shoe step into store and try our free gait analysis.

Technical Running Socks

For the ultimate comfort, socks go alongside shoes to make the most of your running experience making sure the long runs glide by. With brands such as Balega, Hilly and Groundhog, why not take a look at our sock collection.

Running Kit

Tops, shorts, leggings, vests, T-shirts - the choice is yours. Just make sure that you have tried and tested your race kit on a long run before race day. Checkout our marathon clothing collection for kit ideas a plenty! For your running kit, why not have a look at Ronhill's collection.

Reflective and shower-proof jacket

Depending on the season, there's no guarantee the weather is going to hold up throughout your training sessions and long runs. Especially over the winter months with dark nights, training in the dark and in any kind of weather becomes the norm! Our high-visibility range will help you find the perfect jacket. 

Running sunglasses

Help to keep those bright lights out of your eyes and stay focussed on your run with our range of running sunglasses. For style and comfort, take a look at our range from Goodr and Spektrum.

Good nutrition

What you put into your body fuels what you get out. Slow release energy carbohydrates such as porridge for breakfast make a huge difference in the later miles of a long run. Throughout the race or training run, you will need to keep your energy levels stable. Give your training a boost with a range of bars, gels and tablets, we are bound to have the right energy source to keep your nutrition and hydration topped up.

Hydration Vest

Whether you are racing or training it's crucial to stay on top of your hydration but not always fun carrying around water bottles. Why not try a hydration vest instead so that you can store and take fluids seamlessly whilst running?

Running Tech

Shokz and a good playlist

For those longer training runs, it’s great to have something to take your mind off the miles. Here’s our own spotify playlist to start with and checkout our running headphones range from Shokz so you are set to go!  

GPS watch

As progress is key, precisely track your runs with our GPS watches with major brands such as Garmin and Polar in stock.



Bodyglide is an anti chafe balm to help soothe your skin reducing any soreness.


Strapping up to reduce niggling injuries is so helpful, but you need tape that is not going peel off or become loose.  Check out Rocktape's wide range of colours and styles.

Oofos (Great for Recovery!)

Try out Oofos. For ultimate comfort after those long runs and to help you prepare for the next training session.

Take a look at our marathon essentials collection. 

Visit your local Up & Running store to help make sure that you are kitted out with all the marathon gear you need.

Don't forget our team are here to help, ask them any questions or advice - that's all included in our award winning customer service.



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