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How to prepare for your running challenge

Get ready to put your best foot forward in 2024 with a challenge that will stick longer than the first couple of weeks. We may be biased but running really is the best and you will soon see why. 

You’ve already got this far, so if you haven’t already signed up to this free fitness challenge then you might as well – sign up here. 

Now to prepare for the day 1, but where to do you start? Don’t worry we’ll walk you through it (we’ll get the running later). 

Step 1 – Gait analysis

Gait analysis is a term used in the running industry, essentially, it’s getting to know how you run and what type of shoes would best suit your needs. There are many reasons why this is crucial in a running journey, preventing injury and comfort to name a couple. So where can you get this done? 

Our ‘Run Mentors’ are at the ready in our shops with all you need with treadmills, running shoes and their expertise to get to know you, your fitness goals and any previous injuries or niggles that you want to take extra care of before starting your running journey.

There’s no need to book or bring anything with you, just turn up and ask for the free gait analysis service! 

You can try on various shoes and test them out on the treadmill to find the perfect match that make you feeling energised and motivated lace up and head out the door.

What are you waiting for? Pop into your local Up & Running shop to find your perfect pair!  



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