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Get Running, Keep Running - Top Tips To Keep You Motivated

No matter how keen you are to run, run, run, there will always be times when your mojo goes wandering – leaving you frustrated and wondering why you ever took up running in the first place.

Keep going and you will build a bank of experience, develop resilience and be stronger for the effort.

Adopt A Mantra

If you’re a new runner it can be so hard to get going but having a mantra or two stashed away ready to pull out when you need it can be a godsend.
Muttering a mantra will keep you pounding the pavements. Whether it’s “no pain, no gain” run fast, go past” or the “strong get stronger”.
There’s bound to be a mantra out there that will keep you motivated and fire you up to keep going.

Get excited by some new kit or some new running shoes. Take advantage of some of the great deals around on clothing and footwear. Shiny new shoes with all that fresh bounce can send your mojo rocketing, and there’s no greater feeling than being dressed right for the weather, with new socks and shoes to match.

Running Reaps Rewards... And Cake

Think of the rewards running will bring you and remind yourself of these when you don’t feel like going out:

• Positive mental health
• You time
• Better physical health
• Losing those extra pounds
• Eating guilt-free cake at the end of a run
• A smug warm glowing feeling when you’ve finished

Don’t compare your run to others, what they are doing or what they’re achieving. Everyone has their own base level of fitness and with different pressures on their time.

Having to find a baby-sitter to be able to go running, or fitting a run in around work and home life can be difficult. Think of solutions, maybe a running buggy, or your child cycling alongside you. Fitting your run in as a run-commute could be an option.

Remember - there's no such thing as a bad run

Feel justifiably proud of your sport and your achievements and use tips and tricks to help you get through your early runs:

 Pick off targets – see someone walking ahead of you and catch them up.
 Use lamp-posts – run a lamp-post walk a lamp-post, progress to running two lamp-posts and walking one.
 Plan a goal – whether it’s a race or a route – having a goal to focus on is a sure way to make good progress.
 Use music to run to – get some headphones and build a running playlist of your favourite tunes.

For every runner, no matter how fast, how slow or how far the run, there will always be peaks and troughs, high days and low days, but remember there’s no such thing as a bad run, only one that maybe didn’t feel quite as good as the one before, but it was still a run and any run is positive.

Fighting an illness, not eating the right food, having a bit too much alcohol the day before, not wearing the right clothes – there are lots of factors which conspire to make a run not as fulfilling as a previous one.

You can’t be amazing every day so enjoy the days that you are, and get strength from the ones that don’t feel quite right.

You’ll always be quicker than those who didn’t get off the sofa; you’ll always be fitter than the day before and building miles into your legs will make you stronger and stronger.



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