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Brooks Levitate GTS 5 - Shoe Review

Springy and responsive, the Levitate GTS 5 is perfect for getting the most out of your training

4.1 out of 5 | weight - 315 g (men's) 283g (women's) | drop - 8mm | highly responsive supportive road shoe | £140 


First impressions out of the box: 

Allison says: The Levitate GTS 5 looks sleek and lightweight. Nicely straightforward with a well cushioned heel counter and soft but not overly plush tongue.  I always like shoes with a pull tab on the back of the heel, it stops the heels getting compressed when you’re taking them on and off and I’m always pleased to see the extra loop at the top of the lacing, to pull the shoe in tighter for a snugger fit around the ankle. I’m excited to try this top-notch guiderails shoe for some slightly more competitive running and see where it gets me. The mint (yucca) colour isn’t one I would have usually gone for, but once on the foot I’m loving it, trimmed with navy and flashes of white, it looks great - I’ll try and keep them clean as long as possible! 
Carly says: This shoe is so pretty, I love the plush upper. I was surprised by how light the shoe feels, I was expecting a heavier shoe. It does look small though, both in length and width. Can’t wait to get it on my feet! 

Our thoughts: 

Allison says: First run out, and it feels great. I’m impressed with the feel underfoot – quite different from my usual road shoe (which I still love for different reasons). It’s making me understand why it’s good to have different shoes on the go depending on the type of run you are doing, rather than just opting for the same shoe each time. I’m also understanding too that connection with the ground that runners talk about, how the shoe is pushing me through the whole foot and on to my toes. As I’m running I’m thinking about which category Brooks have put the Levitate GTS 5 in, and unsurprisingly it belongs to the ‘energise’ range. For me, it certainly fits the description. 

So the super springy midsole technology in the Levitate range is the highly responsive and energy returning DNA AMP. It’s the midsole that just keeps giving back and I certainly felt as fresh at the end as I did at the beginning, but a longer run will be needed to really test its performance. The GuideRailsTM is the support system for runners who overpronate. GuideRails are there if you need them, and if you don’t then they’re still there but unused. It offers a support that adapts to your body and your run style. 

Carly says: I loved running in this shoe, it feels very light and bouncy. Support shoes often struggle with feeling responsive but not this shoe. I used this for a lot of short runs and found that it offers a wonderful springy ride. The full length DNA amp midsole gives a wonderful responsive feeling from heel to toe. Personally, I prefer a softer ride for the long runs but for shorter and quicker stuff you can’t beat this shoe. You don’t even notice the support, which is perfect. It definitely helps get your legs turning quicker! 

Fit and width: 

Allison says: It’s a great fit, true to size. One shoe size up from everyday shoes and laced at the top is spot-on perfect. 

New for the Levitate GTS 5, is the circular knit engineered mesh upper for a better fit and a 3D Fit Print in the midfoot which gives a supportive and secure fit. It certain feels really secure,  I’m feeling very happy in these shoes. 

Carly says: I was right, the shoe is quite narrow, more in line with the Launch GTS than the Adrenaline GTS. You may need to consider going up another half size as the shoe does fit quite small in length as well. Feels very comfortable though. 

Where it works best: 

Allison says: Brooks intend the Levitate GTS 5 for both beginner and regular runners who are using it for training and competition. Even after one run, I’m thinking this is my quick shoe, club nights and road races but would perhaps prefer something softer for a much longer run. Time will tell and I will put them to the test on a variety of different runs – will I want to use them for a 10 mile road race? Yes, I will definitely use them for a race of any distance, I may be a little more sore the next day than if I wore something like the Asics Kayano 28 but will I’m sure feel the advantage on the course. 

Carly says: For me, this shoe is for whenever you want to go quicker. It would be a great support shoe for race day. The upper is lovely and plush. I would use this shoe for speed training or racing, anywhere you want to feel faster but still supported. 

Any sticking points... 

Allison says: Actually no. For me it’s undisputedly a great shoe, which fulfills its intention really well. I’m really pleased to have it as an option for my runs, and it’s shown me how useful it is to have different road shoes for different runs. 

Carly says: The fit is quite narrow and the shoe doesn't feel as cushioned as I would like, but I was not expecting the Levitate GTS 5 to offer such a smooth and responsive ride while offering a good amount of support. 

This shoe has been tested by Allison and guest reviewed by Carly from our Manchester store. They have run in the shoes for a minimum of 4 weeks or about 50 miles before submitting their reviews. The scores they have given the shoes are based on their experiences, their running styles and their training types. These shoes were gifted by Brooks for the purpose of this review, no input was made by Brooks. The views are entirely that of our testers. 



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