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Become A Lockdown Runner

Lockdown 3.0 – The perfect time to start running! Beating the January blues is one thing but this January comes with other challenges and running is the perfect antidote to get you through.

Running is awesome for so many reasons – It’s free and it’s flexible. It gets you out in the open air away from your kitchen work station, home schooling, more dreary or depressing TV news, the stresses of isolation and it supports your mental and physical health. It gives you purpose, and it gives you ‘you’ time, and space to allow you to breathe! The great news is exercise is one thing we are still allowed to do and you can meet a friend.

So if you’ve decided this lockdown is the time, then you’ve made a great, positive choice.

What do I need to start running?

First of all you need a pair of running shoes. Whilst you can’t get into a store at the moment for a proper fitting and gait analysis, the best protection you can give yourself would be to make sure you buy a pair of shoes that have been designed for running. If you’re unsure of what kind of shoe you should be buying, a proper neutral running shoe will give you some support, which will be sufficient for running 5ks at least, until you can get your gait properly assessed.

Always buy shoes that are at least half a size bigger than your everyday shoe, even a full size would not be out of the question. This will give your toes room to move, and will help to prevent your toes banging on the end of the shoe and giving you black toe nails.

Invest in a good sports bra

Protect yourself from harm and be as comfortable as possible by wearing a good sports bra.

Everyday bras do not contain enough support for a high-impact sport like running. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast you are. You need to choose a bra that has been intended for high impact which will reduce bounce, make your running far more efficient and protect your breasts from permanent damage

The next most important item is socks 

Make sure you’re wearing technical socks such as Groundhog’s Roadhog or Hoglet.

Technical socks have padding in all the right places for runners and are moisture-wicking to prevent blisters. If a fabric is wicking it means that it draws moisture away from the skin, unlike cotton socks which do not.

What else do I need to wear?

You just need something comfortable to run in, but you don’t need to go to a lot of expense when you’re just starting out. Technical fabrics will definitely make your run more comfortable because of the wicking fabrics.

Why not plan to treat yourself to something new when you’ve hit your first target.

And off you go! Not sure where to start? Check out our blog on how to start running.



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