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ASICS Novablast Shoe Review

We had the pleasure of joining the ASICS team at the ASICS London 10k last weekend. It was a great couple of days filled with sunshine, smiles, and the best of ASICS kit! Our Digital Marketing Assistant, Steffi, headed down to capture the event, jumped in the race to try out the ASICS Novablast Platinum in rose gold. Read on to find out how she got on! 

 ASICS Novablast

What are your thoughts on them? 

The ASICS Novablast are what I would call an all-around training shoe. The type of trainer you would pack in your suitcase to go on holiday, knowing that you can confidently do easy road miles and throw in some interval workouts. The heel stabilizer is great for providing support over longer distances, but also gives you that plush feeling to push and run faster. What I loved about these shoes is the extra FF Blast cushioning, which gave an energetic ride. This felt different to other ASICS shoes that I have tried; they were a lot bouncier. Whilst I am a fan of the ASICS Gel-Kayano, it is great to see the brand branch out into more diverse ranges. 

How did you find them during the race? 

I ran the ASICS 10k as a steady training run, which is the type of training I would recommend for these shoes. They allowed me to stay up on my toes and propel me forward but did not leave my feet or calves sore like a dedicated racing shoe often does. For runners that want more confidence in their racing shoes and are not ready for a carbon plate, these are a great option. Equally, runners who need a reliable tempo trainer would love these shoes. Usually, I am an overpronator and need a stable running shoe, however when it comes to racing that is not always possible to find; these were a great middle ground, and I had no problems afterwards. 

 ASICS Novablast above shot

Fit, comfort, look and feel? 

In terms of the fit and comfort of the shoe, the laces stayed in place and kept my foot secure. The upper lip was very breathable, which was needed in the heat! The black and rose gold colourway is very wearable in non-running contexts, which is great when you need a comfortable shoe if you are going to be on your feet for lengthy periods of time. I loved the rose gold edition – it really added a luxury look and I did not feel out of place running beside Buckingham Palace! 

 Girl finishing ASICS 10k race

I am looking forward to trying out these shoes in more of my weekly training sessions and hitting more of my goals. 

The ASICS Novablast are coming to Up & Running soon, so keep an eye out to get your hands on a pair! Shop our full ASICS range here. 




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