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Rebel's running journey

I did not do much sport when I was growing up. My parents were not sporty and I was half the size of everyone in my class, so I was not physically able to keep up with them.  

I bought my first pair of running shoes after I had my baby when I was 24 and I wanted to loose the extra 2 stone that I had gained during pregnancy. However my knees always hurt, so I gave it up. 

I moved to Exeter when my daughter was six and googled clubs to join to meet people and make new friends. I found a very casual trail running club called the Hash House Harriers. They did not care that I had to run/walk and little bit by little bit my legs got stronger and my knees stopped hurting. 

I ran very regularly for the next six years but had no interest in racing at all. For me it was about chatting with friends and going on an adventure in the woods while we explored Devon. 

I hated Parkrun the first time I did it because nobody talked to me. But I did it a second time and I was quicker. Something clicked on my head and brought out my fiercely competitive personality. I do not like competing against other people, but I absolutely love trying to beat myself. 

So I signed up for a marathon and joined a more serious running club. I loved seeming the progress I was making and I started running with the fast boys. 

Cut to a pandemic, a few injuries and a lot of lessons learnt later, and I have run two marathon distances and I have signed up for my first ultra! I have discovered the joy and freedom of running on my own and now much prefer it to run in with clubs. 

Altra Via Olympus Shoe Review Marathon

First Impressions

Like many runners, I read “Born to Run” and trained myself to stop heal striking. I love the concept of barefoot running and it makes sense to me.

That is why I started wearing Altras in the first place - I wanted my foot to land naturally. However I live in a city and as much as I am 100% a trail runner in my heart, tarmac and paving slabs are just a part of my life. I want to land naturally but I also want to protect my body from the impact of running long distance where roads are involved. 

So my first impression of the Via Olympus was that they were exactly what my body needed for my marathon. Everything about them is comfortable for the long haul.

Fit and width

I went half a size up from my usual size and they fit perfectly. I have quite narrow feet but I love how much space my toes have to spread out. The heel cup is secure and the tongue is cushioned, which I personally prefer. 

Where it works best

They are definitely a long distance road shoe, but I also use them on some less technical trails. 


Altra Via Olympus Running Shoe Review

Out of 5…

Performance - I did really well in my marathon and I did not injure myself. I think that gets a strong 5!
Responsiveness - 5 - They bounce! 
Cushioning - 5 - Cushioning is their main purpose and they are outstanding.
Fit - 3/5
It is potentially a bit confusing for customers to be 2 different sizes in different styles by the same brand, and this makes it difficult to order online. However they do fit me well and I really like the 2 extra holes for the laces to provide an extra secure fit around the ankle. If a customer ordered them and get it was the wrong size, I would say they are definitely worth the faff of sending them back to get another size.
Comfort - 5/5 - they are like my slippers. 
Durability - Come back to me in 2 years and I will let you know!




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