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Who are Saucony?

They may have started from humble beginnings, but a century later, Saucony are now a global running brand and one of the most recognisable names in the industry. Pronouncing the name right can be tricky, so just think ‘sock-a-knee'.  Through their commitment to innovation and excellence Saucony are constantly encouraging everyone to challenge their boundaries, whatever their level. 

One for the road...

Recognising that women may need something different from a road shoe because of their different biomechanics, women’s shoes are shaped differently with a narrower midfoot and thus a more contoured shape for a snug and feminine fit. The technology remains the same with the PWRRUN foam adding spring and power and adding to the shoe’s flexibility and durability.  Innovative products such as the Endorphin collection, with their subtle colour differences from the men’s, sit comfortably alongside their traditional big sellers such as the Ride and Guide

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For off-road adventurers

Whether you’re using hard packed trails, soft forest paths or you are knee-deep in mud, Saucony have the shoe for you. The Peregrine trail shoe is ideal for uncomplicated off-roading and its ST (soft terrain) version will look after you in seriously muddy conditions. 

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Going green

Saucony’s quiet but determined social responsibility lies at the heart of their decisions, from supporting foundations for impoverished adults and children to using responsibly sourced materials in their products. Currently they are developing a biodegradable shoe which will be made from natural materials and use renewable resources, with no plastic, no bio-plastics and no plastic derivatives. Now that’s Run For Good.