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York Store

Called into Up and Running York store today to look at purchasing a pair of running shoes for the London Marathon in April. Andrew saw me looking and came over to offer his assistance. After a brief conversation during which I explained a problem with my knee Andrew proceeded to explain what was going on with my leg. He looked at my current trainers and explained clearly what the issue might be.
Andrew then proceeded to bring out a pair of trainers for me to try and put me on a treadmill and explained from the filming what the issue was and for the first time ever I could see exactly what he was explaining with my own eyes !
I was then given another couple of pairs of trainers to try and each time it was filmed. From the videos we made a choice for me as I could see exactly the difference the trainers made.
Andrew did not sell me the most expensive trainers he could have done, instead he sold me the trainers that were right for me. Did that cost Up and Running .... absolutely not ! Whenever I need anything for my running endeavours Up and Running will be the first place I would travel to (25 miles) and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.
Thank you Andrew, you provided an exceptional service with great advice. A credit to the store.