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Training for a race but don't seem to have enough time in the day?

How do you juggle training for a race and working full time? Read on to find out our advice from staff members in the same situation.  

Work, family commitments, commuting, seeing friends, making sure you are eating right and then when do you get the chance to train? At times it can seem impossible to juggle everything and still carve out some ‘me time’ to run, we live increasingly busier lives and often it’s our passions that are the first to be impacted, so we’ve asked some of our staff how they fit their training in and around a busy life. Here are some of the ideas they shared. 

Training for a race and working at the same time

  • Preparation (George, Store Manager, Up & Running Chiswick) 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You’ve heard it all before, but it is so true, if you plan things out it becomes much easier to stick to the schedule, all the hard work of thinking what’s next is done for you!  

Practical advice for this is: get your kit ready the night before, check the weather and be prepared for the worst so you aren’t giving yourself any excuses! Start the evening before, make sure you have fuelled right and hydrated well so you are putting your body in the best position for waking up and running! If you aren’t a morning runner, fear not, just shift the timings, so make sure you are eating right at lunch so you can go and run straight after work.  

  • Buddy up (Bradley, Staff Member, Up & Running Leeds Central) 

Ok, so you might be thinking how will chinwagging help me train for my upcoming marathon. Simply, it’s about accountability, plan to see your friends for a run rather than heading to the coffee shop, it’s a great way to spread the benefits of running and spend some quality time together. Often, you’ll find your relationships with your mates become even stronger! 

  • Childcare on the run (Gilly, Customer Service Manager, Up & Running Online) 

Ok, hear us out for this one, there are plenty of ways to get the kids involved in your running, whether it’s popping your toddler in a running buggy, wrapping them up warm and heading off for a few kilometres or having the kids join you on the bike! It’s a great way to get them out in the fresh air and joining in, they’ll love it, and you’ll make so many great memories all whilst training. It’s a win, win.

Training for a race and working at the same time

  • Beat the traffic (Mo, Assistant Store Manager, Up & Running Teddington)

Switch the traffic for your running shoes and get to work on foot. This one might be limited if you don’t have a shower at the office, but fear not, some great work arounds can be 24/7 gyms, not only can you drop some stuff in a locker and get a shower, but you can also add some strength work into your training which is a great way to help build your fitness.

  • You don’t have to run (Pete, Product & Gait Analysis Expert, Up & Running Nottingham) 

No, we haven’t made a typo, training doesn’t have to be running all the time. Incorporate different types of activities into your training whether it’s a hike on the weekend or adding in some at-home strength exercises like calf raises while brushing your teeth.  

We understand it can be hard to fit your running around life, sometimes it can’t even be done, and it calls for a rest day! They are important too. If you haven’t been able to get out as much as you’d like then just adjust your goals for race day, not every race is going to be a PB and every setback along the way makes us stronger.  

Drop into any of our stores around the country and speak to our friendly staff, they would be more than happy to help you with some new ideas or share some previous experiences they have had in balancing your training and running around your work and other commitments.  



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