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Which Saucony shoe is best for you?

Up and Running has been working with Saucony for over 30 years, to ensure that everyone has a shoe they love to run and challenge themselves in. Let's take it back to the beginning...

Saucony, pronounced 'Sock-a-knee', is one of the oldest of running shoe brands founded way back in 1898. The first factory was built in Kutztown, Pennsylvania (USA). Since then they have been developing the brand with this in mind and creating products with a commitment to innovation, design and boundary-pushing technology. Some of their key models include their long-standing Triumph and Omni to some of their newer models, the Endorphin Pro and Shift.

From Mud Movers and Ground Shakers to Running Like a Dream, we're here to help you find the perfect Saucony fit for your running route. As Saucony says 'a good day is when we get to run, a great day is when we inspire someone else to run'. So let's find the right Saucony shoe for you...


Daily training with Triumph 20.

Are you looking to get your miles in with a plush feel underfoot? If so, our top Saucony selection for you is the Triumph 20. Helping you to run like a dream with their lightest edition yet.

The latest model of the Triumph series showcases their new PWRRUN+ foam cushioning, giving you a feel a softer and lighter feel in every step. This is the perfect pair for someone looking for a smooth, rocker feel when striding through the higher miles. Saucony's updated geometry gives your maximum comfort for the road runners of the industry, helping to lock in the power without the added pressure.

If you're looking to go the distance with a cloud-like feel for your feet, then lace up with the Triumph 20. Check them out here.

Get max cushioning with Endorphin Shift 3 (Coming Soon).

FRESH AND READY. The Endorphin Shift 3 is here and solving all your motivational needs. 

This daily maximum performance shoe is lighter, softer and speedier than ever before thanks to SPEEDROLL technology and an extra 2mm of PWRRUN cushioning underfoot so you can propel forward effortlessly every time. Whether it's time to get stuck into the training plan or you're starting your couch to 5k, the Endorphin Shift 3 new torsional heel groove gives you a smoother ride from heel to toe, perfect for any workout.

Get your daily dose of motivation and elevate your stride with Saucony's Endorphin Shift 3.


Speed ahead with the Endorphin Pro 3.

If you're aiming to be the lightning before the thunder then there's no doubt about it that the Endorphin Pro 3 is the one for you.

Designed to easily power through the paces with an S-curve carbon-fiber plate, giving you a spring in every step. It's time to turn up the tempo with the ultralight and responsive PWRUNPB foam cushioning, giving maximum softness and ultimate speed. Propel effortlessly with SPEEDROLL technology and FORMFIT, so you can power on with complete comfort. This neutral shoe is a race-day necessity if you're looking for an option that will help you pick up the pace. Shop the Endorphin Pro here.



Support your best run with Omni 20.

Unsure of what stability shoe to reach for when it comes to your daily training? Well not to worry because Saucony has got you sorted with the Omni 20. A perfect pair of cushioning and durability, helping you clock up the miles whilst giving you the extra support that's needed.

This stability shoe is equipped with extended medial posts to support your body's natural alignment and guide you into a stronger run. The FORMFIT design gives 3D comfort, hugging the foot in all the right places for your most personalised fit. The PWRUN technology and a heel-to-toe offset of 8mm flows one step easily into another, so you can stride towards reaching your mileage goal. With 20 years of this Saucony classic, what better shoe to lace up on the daily than the Omni 20?


Take on the trails with Peregrine 12 ST.

Hitting the trails hard this season? There's no better shoe to help you dig deep through the messy terrain than the Peregrine 12 ST

Their PWRRUN technology gives you balanced cushioning whilst delivering maximum grip, helping you to keep on going through even the toughest of conditions. Comfort is key when it comes to rocky routes, the PWRRUN+ cushioned sock liner gives you that extra layer of support that you need. Their new protective rock plate has even more flex, so the ride stays smooth when the going gets tough. For those who like to stay protected against debris and mud, the Peregrine 12 ST is gaiter compatible so you can gear up with all your usual trail day essentials.

If you're looking for a shoe to help you speed through all trails great and small, then look no further than the Peregrine 12 ST.



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