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Pressio Performance Apparel - Kit Review

Pressio is leading the way in aesthetics, performance and sustainability! The new age compression brand, takes their corporate responsibility very seriously with transparency and ethical practice throughout the entire lifespan of their products. Find out what Connor from our Shrewsbury store thought about the latest apparel brand to arrive at Up & Running!

Pressio Arahi Tee & Pressio Compression Tights | Performance running apparel | Price varies depending on product

First impressions:  

The Pressio packaging is very smart, made the items look exclusive and very premium. When you open everything up the products themselves look very stylish, well presented and just make you want to throw them on and head out the door.

Fit and the width?  

The Pressio Arahi top was a perfect fit in a small. The design and makeup of the product felt great. The Pressio tights were a little small for me in my normal size, but being the first time wearing compression I knew it was something I need to get used with the sizing. Switching to the medium was a more familiar feeling, and as you put them on you can really feel the compression panels working. 

Taking them out for a spin (as with any time trying something new) they needed a bit of an adjustment period. They have now become a staple for my early morning runs.

Your thoughts?  

I found the compression great, there wasn't a massive benefit from my regular post run feeling. Being a frequent stretcher and foam roller, the aided my overall feeling and I can see how others would feel a great improvement in there post run feeling!

The rest of the Pressio performance range seems great, the price point it warranted by the quality and feel of the product, plus the eco credentials displayed on the box and throughout the company website. I have been eyeing up the Pressio shorts for summer racing! 

I thought the Pressio Arahi tee was a very good running top, wearing it on a 2 hour long run, the breeze on my back was beautiful! 

What is unique about this product?  

The unique selling point of Pressio is centered around their green credentials! The efforts they put into making products sustainably and having a great transparency in their supply chain. 

Where would you use this product?   

The kit is designed for a range of different places or runs, but I personally found it great for the longer stuff. A Sunday long run is a great place to start with the Pressio kit! Explore the full Pressio collection here.




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