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Testing Montane Kit and the Cheviot Goat Ultra

To tie in with the exciting  launch of the Montane Run gear into our stores for this winter, we invited one of our craziest staff members to take on an iconic Montane event, The Cheviot Goat Ultra.
Not content with basing this event in the bleak and challenging terrain of Northumberland, Montane added some extreme conditions to the mix, by hosting it in winter.
Meet Rob, he’s the manager of Up & Running Nottingham; he likes the odd ultra and he loves Montane, so we thought he would be perfect, and to be fair, when we offered him the chance, he took about 30 seconds to accept.
Disclaimer: Rob’s participation in this event is absolutely his own choice, he has not been coerced, blackmailed nor has any other subterfuge been used to get him to take on the Cheviot Goat, but seriously Rob... 51 miles in Northumberland in December… are you beyond crazy?
With the right planning and preparation and of course the right kit, Rob will be just fine, so the first item on his list was to sign up to a one-to-one navigation course with Ian from Everything Outdoors.
Ian’s skill at teaching navigation is second-to-none, and anyone wanting to take on a challenge such as the Cheviot Goat would do well to polish their nav skills on a course like this.

Very generously Montane sent Rob some kit and here’s what he thought:

"Minimus stretch ultra jacket: £165. How light is this jacket? (actually it's 200g, Rob) First impressions are that it looks like it’s going to look after you. Taped seams, (a must for a good waterproof) and the call outs for Pertex Shield with a 20,000 hydrostatic head gave me even more confidence. Hydrostatic Head is the measurement used to calculate how much water pressure a waterproof material can handle before it leaks. 20,000 HH is an excellent measurement for a jacket and particularly for one that is so lightweight.

When putting it on, it feels great - close fitting but not too tight… just a good amount of room for movement and layers. It’s not a warm jacket, so layers needed. Its job is to keep you dry and stop the wind from getting in.
I’ve tested it in the driving wind and rain in the dark peak and north Notts and I’m confident this jacket will indeed keep me protected when I embark on my 55 mile run in the Cheviots in December. All the details are well thought out, with a wire peaked hood with cords to adjust, chest pocket for a phone, handwarmer side pockets, elasticated cuffs…
All whilst being super lightweight and a joy to run in. Thank you Montane, this jacket really is the bee’s knees – a very clever bit of kit for surviving the worst weather.

Sabre Long Sleeve Tee: £38  WOW! What a lightweight top (just 135g). It feels great to run in this as a stand-alone when it's just into the single digit temperatures… if it’s windy though, I would recommend adding an outer shell. It feels absolutely wonderful to run in… one of the best LST I’ve ever ran in over the past 15 years.
Featherlite smock: £45 Yet again Montane have created something that is as light as you can get (this time only 110g), from the best materials you can find, and made it look great. This over-the-head smock is brilliant at keeping the wind out completely. I’ve tested this in the worst weather recently and NOTHING gets through. It easily packs down to the smallest size ever and is easy to carry or stash away if you don’t need it. Essential for a lightweight breathable wind proof layer. I have no excuses not to go out in any weather now!
Dragon tights: £60 I’m seriously giddy – these are simply the nicest running tights I’ve ever EVER tried on and run in. (Bear in mind, Rob has tried a lot of tights!)
These feel amazing. The fabric feels like nothing I’ve seen before. Really silky smooth, fit like a dream, feel great and will really help to regulate the temperature. Plenty of pockets for food, keys, just brilliant - a joy to run in. Can’t wait to test these on The Cheviot Goat.
Unisex Podium pants: £80 How do Montane do it? I tested these super lightweight waterproof trousers in the driving wind and rain… and also a few passing cars decided to drive a little close to the kerb and splash me… nothing got through these insanely lightweight beauties. With taped seams, elasticated cuffs and waist… these will look after you when the weather gets nasty. I loved running in these… and just kind of forgot they were there they were so comfortable". (At just 100g, these are the lightest garment in the range tested by Rob).
So Rob has got his nav sorted, his kit sorted, organised a lift to and from the event which he hopes to complete in 12 hours, all that’s left to say is GOOD LUCK ROB.
Once he’s recovered I’m sure he will send us a run report, and we'll let you know how his kit performed in the extreme conditions.

Montane clothing is available in the following selected Up & Running stores: Bournemouth, Chester, Harrogate, Isle of Man, Nottingham, Oldham, Oxford, Sheffield and Sevenoaks. Please contact the store to check availability before travelling.

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  • Rob is an absolute legend. He keeps us motivated on our Monday night social runs and he’s so supportive of everyone. Go smash it Rob!

    Posted by Su Justice | December 07, 2021
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