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Montane Clothing - for the trails and hills

First impressions

Dougie: Very nice feel, it's my first time wearing Montane and while I was expecting the items to be good quality and feel great, I didn’t expect to be this surprised!  

The feel of the fabric is great, soft to touch but it also seems very durable. Checking the detailing across the shorts and jacket, these look like they will more than handle the toughest of conditions. The shorts are nicely stretchy and seem as though they will be comfortable for any distance; likewise the jacket looks like it will be a great addition to any run.  

Allison: I’ve always been a Montane fan so testing some clothing for them is a joy. However, I always wear twin skin shorts to prevent chafing, and would never normally have chosen a single skin short like the Katla 4. Because a full waterproof jacket is often compulsory kit, I’ve never considered buying a windproof trail jacket before. The Featherlite trail jacket looks lovely though and the Cerulean Blue is an awesome colour, but when it’s not a taped fully waterproof is it worth the spend? Testing two pieces of kit, that I wouldn’t normally buy will be interesting.

How is the fit?  

Dougie: Straight off the hanger, both the jacket and short is the right size for me. I chose Medium after looking at their size chart (I’m 5”10, 69kg and slender build) and it’s a great fit for running.  

AllisonI’m a size 8-10, and very happily wearing a size small in both the jacket and shorts. I would expect the Montane sizing to be on the less generous side, so the XS would fit very petite ladies.

Our thoughts: 

Katla 4” shorts - £45: These shorts are incredibly comfortable with a stretchy waistband, drawstring and a great rear zip pocket as well as rear gel shot pockets. They are incredibly lightweight at just 85g. At first, I was unsure about wearing single skin shorts, particularly as I started wearing these abroad in 25 degrees + conditions. I initially used Bodyglide to protect my skin but after about 5 runs I decided to put them to the test without the Bodyglide and had no issues at all. Since then, I have never used any chafe protection and not needed any. The shorts feel amazing, they wash to as good as new, and the drawstrings don’t come away in the wash. They dry really quickly and are fabulous for any distance of run. I will continue to use these as long as the UK temperatures allow! 

Featherlite Trail Jacket - £70: When a full waterproof is often compulsory kit, I’ve never felt the need to add a trail jacket to my wardrobe, choosing instead to just wear a full waterproof if it's raining hard. However, a taped waterproof can get a bit sweaty whereas the Featherlite Trail jacket is breathable, with underarm vents. It’s an effective wind barrier and is incredibly lightweight at just 91g. While not fully waterproof it does have Durable Water Repellancy, so will keep you dry during the odd shower. A full-length zip, and thumb loop cuffs make this affordable piece of running kit a delight to wear. It also stuffs into one of its pockets, so it’s no hardship to carry, just in case! The Featherlite Trail Jacket may just save your day when the clouds take you by surprise and build during your run. 

Featherlite Smock - £45: The jacket does exactly what you need it to - provide a little protection from the wind and light rain, all in a lightweight and carryable package. With the jacket, the easiest and most noticeable feature is the incredibly lightweight fabric of the product, as a light shower / wind protective layer it works effortlessly. It is also incredibly handy to pack down into its pocket, saving space in a running pack or easily able to hold in one hand when the weather picks up! 

Dragon Twin Skin Shorts - £60: The shorts took a little bit of getting used to, they are a 2-in-1 design, which I found really comfy and with no issues when running. The waistband has built-in storage options for your phone, gels and keys. I grew to love this feature, almost a full waistbelt built into the shorts, which at first made them feel high-waisted. Don't be put off by this as being able to carry your belongings so easily and close to the body was a big advantage. The Montane Twin Skin shorts have been my go-to for any type of run. The seamless inner short makes them incredibly comfortable to wear for a range of distances and importantly in a range of conditions! 

What is unique about this product?  

The standout feature of the Dragon Twin Skin shorts is the integrated waist belt storage. As a trail focused product, being able to pack extra supplies, nutrition and safety equipment is essential, but being able to do this seamlessly and comfortable next to the body makes carrying the extra items a breeze. The ladies 4” Katla shorts also have integrated gel pockets which sit comfortably on the sides of the back making them easily reachable. 

Where would you use this jackets?  

We had great fun testing the Montane Featherlite Smock and the Featherlite Trail Jacket in mild conditions but with a bit of rain and wind swirling around. Ideal to wear as an extra layer or to stash in a bag for that just in case moment. In the height of winter or amidst a downpour I’d switch this jacket out for something a bit more robust like the Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra jacket.  

Montane are a brand with a fantastic reputation in the trail running market. They know what they are designing and why. The price point of the Montane collection might raise some eyebrows if you are getting into more trail running for the first time, but the products are made to the highest quality and you certainly feel like this product is going to hold up when I need it most, whilst also standing the test of time! The montane kit is definitely an investment and brings with it, certainty, security, comfort and durability, you won’t look back this kit calls you to get out on the trails and explore more. 

So confident are they by their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee against workmanship and material faults, you just need to register your product with Montane when you buy it.  

The clothing has been tested by Allison and Dougie. They have tested out the clothing in a variety of weather conditions over a number of runs. The scores they have given the clothing are based on their experiences, their running styles and their training types. This clothing was gifted by Montane for the purpose of this review, however no input was made by Montane. The views are entirely that of our testers. 


Hi I’m Allison,

I’m a trail runner by heart, but I do like to road run too. I try to get 20-30 miles in each week, usually running on the road during the week and a long off-road run on the weekends. I’ve been running regularly for about 15-20 years and get my miles in by run-commuting, accompanying my grandson on junior parkrun, running with the SRG and making sure I get a long run in on a weekend.


Hi Dougie here,

I’m a jack of all trades, covering road racing distances from 5k up to the marathon. I have run track and cross country over the years and hit around 70/80 miles a week. Running has been my life since I was around 7/8 years old. I have grown up through the club system in the UK I have gone on to represent both England and Great Britain domestically and overseas. I am a big running shoe geek and love getting to grips with all the latest products, so I hope I can give you some insight into what shoes might work for you.




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