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What my running journey means to me

With an industry full of incredible people, we reached out to some of the wonderful team here at Up & Running to find out their favourite running shoes and kit of the moment and what their running journey means to them, here's what they had to say...

Crystal, Up & Running Southampton

Favourite running shoes and kit of the moment – Brooks Caldera and Ronhill trail shorts with lots of pockets.  

Why I love running and my journey: 
A dear friend of mine suggested that we enter a race that involved running and walking. I had a pair of Hi Techs, my favourite footwear, ahead of its time😉. Thanks to the shin splits brought on by my shoes, I was recommended by someone to have a gait analyses and a “proper pair of shoes”. 

I bought the Running Magazine to learn all about running shoes and what the athletes were wearing. I loved my running journey and the learning curve. I admired two runners that I saw each morning and asked them if I could join them. I had to agree to their rules and 3 months later, I ran my first marathon. 

Currently training for: Marathon de Sables – a desert ultra run, the toughest footrace on earth. 250km / 186 miles run over 6 days with only what you need to survive on your back. Fundraising for Heart Research UK, it is the ultimate challenge.

Crystal from Up and Running is fundraising for Heart Research UK ( 

Réka, Up & Running Chiswick

Favourite running shoes of the moment - My all-time favourite brand is Saucony; I am currently training in the Triumph 20, and racing in the Endorphin PRO 3.

Why I love running and my running journey: 

I've been running marathons for several years now and have completed 8 of them, each one pushing me harder and harder. My first marathon was back in 2016. In addition, I've also tackled ultramarathons, which have been incredibly challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

This year I am training for the London marathon, I got a Good for Age qualification with my previous marathon time 3:18:16 which is my current personal best. I am aiming for 3hours 15minutes in London.  

Keep pushing yourself, stay determined, and never give up on your dreams. You can do this! 😊😊 

Laura, Up & Running Reading

Favourite running shoes and kit of the moment - I’ve always run in New Balance shoes from stability to neutral, the 1080s have been my favourite.  

Pressio is my favourite kit, I’ve used it for all my long runs to help keep the blood flowing and prevent cramping towards the end. 

What running means to me and my current challenge 

I’ve always enjoyed the ease of running. Being able to step out the door and go and explore. It’s time out from my daily tasks, waking up early and heading out even in the cold when not many others are awake setting myself up for the day. The training for my marathon running has just slotted in and become part of my day from stretching to tempo runs. 

I signed up for my first marathon (London) not expecting to get a ballot place! The training has been a shock to the system, but I wanted to take on a new challenge and push myself this certainly has been one to remember! 

Megan, Up & Running Headingley

Favourite running shoes of the moment: Altra Via Olympus,I love the cushioning to the shoe to help with the tired legs and the rocker just makes running feel smoother.  

What does running mean to me? 

Running means friendship and happiness to me. I have been running for over 10 years and I’ve made some amazing friends through the sport, not just locally but nationally with the help of social media to keep in touch. Whenever I’ve been out running, I just feel happy. Running brings me a lot of joy and my life revolves around it! 

My current running challenge. 

I am currently training for the Leeds Half Marathon in May. I am raising money for Aphasia Support, which is a charity that helps people in West Yorkshire with their speech. I am really looking forward to the day and running with the masses doing the Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon. 

Sallyann – Up & Running Nottingham  

Favourite running shoes and kit of the moment: Puma Deviate NITRO 2 are a great go to for my longer training runs with that 3/4 carbon plate. I also love Pressio kit.  

I also love accessories: I can’t go without my Goodr glasses and trusty Sealskinz waterproof cap for the unpredictable British weather. 

My current challenge: 

I am training for London Landmarks and the amazing London Marathon both in April so having technical kit is such a great investment. From being comfortable on my run in all weathers to a quick wash and speedy dry to go again 

What does running mean to me? 
Running has preserved my sanity dealing with the ups and downs of life. There’s nothing better after a bad day than a bit of run therapy. I also like cake so it’s pretty useful with that too 😉.

Philippa - Up & Running, Marketing

Favourite running shoes of the moment:

For me, ASICS always make me feel good and ready to run. Swapping between the Novablast 3 and the new Gel-Nimbus 25 these past few weeks during my marathon training.

What running means to me:

In 2018 my friend and I set the challenge of completing the Great North Run for charity, to help through some tough times. Having not run since school days, it was a challenge but the support of my family and friends, we got our finishers medal photo.

Since then, I have completed Manchester Half Marathon, Great North Run '22 with my sister and joined a local club. Running to me is happiness. Whether it be a club run, race day out or a long run adventure, it bring a smile every time.

My current challenge:

I was lucky enough to get the London Marathon ballot place for my club, the training has been a wave of emotions. I never thought I'd be able to train for a marathon but the support of family, friends, work colleagues and the club has made this a memorable journey!

No matter the distance, challenge or pace, find what brings a smile to your face😊



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