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Ciele Performance Running Cap Review

Harry from our Nottingham store recently won one of the new Ciele caps as part of a staff prize. (Yes we do really run random staff giveaways) on of the perks of working at Up & Running! He got his hands on the Ciele GOcapSC keep reading to find out how he found it.

First impressions of the cap.

First off the Ciele cap just looks great, with such a nice contrast of colours. The build quality is also really solid, the materials feel soft but also robust enough for a lot of wearing. Most of the other caps that I’ve tried before tend to be built of a more synthetic feeling material, so this extra softness in this Ciele cap is very nice addition! Also, with the material being fully recycled, it’s great for our floating blue rock. The brim is also a good size and is nice and flexible to boot.

What is the Ciele cap like out on the run?

I went for a steady 4 miles in the GOcapSC, with a couple of strides on the end. All under some lovely bright weather and a really strong headwind on the way back, which actually made it great running conditions to test the new Ciele cap. With the sun shining on my head I couldn’t really feel the blazing heat! Which must be down to the COOLwick technology that they use to keep it feeling nice and as the name suggests - cool.

On the way back running in the headwind the cap stayed really secure on my head and seeing as I was testing it out, I even tried to tilt my head so that it might be more susceptible to blowing off but it just didn’t budge! Extra points for that!

Final thoughts. 

In short, this cap is great. I loved running in it today and I will continue to run in it for the foreseeable, especially as the weather is getting nicer and nicer (Fingers crossed for a proper British summer)!

This cap is supposed to last for a million miles, so I’ll have to put it to the test.

You can explore the full Ciele performance headwear range online and in stores by clicking here. 

•Written by Harry Savage (Up & Running Nottingham Assistant Manager), edited and uploaded by Dougie. 





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