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SIS Go Gel Caffeine 60ml

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For a fast physical and mental boost

Caffeine has been shown to have many physiological benefits during exercise that can collectively improve performance. It is also scientifically believed that caffeine can increase fat utilisation and therefore effectively sparing the use of our limited carbohydrate stores for later use during exercise. As such, we now have more carbohydrate available for when we really need it such as those hard parts of the training session or race. Also believed by many scientists to alter muscle metabolism, caffeine can have direct effects on the brain by improving reaction times and lowering our perception of effort for a given workload, thus making the exercise now seem easier. Caffeine is undoubtedly one of the most research proven methods to improve your performance.

The British rowing team give their advice on fuelling their bodies for training sessions and races, with interviews with the rowers themselves and the people who train them.


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