Persistence prevails when all else fails.

Welcome to day 15 of the challenge. Today you will be happy to know is another rest day! But don't get too comfy as this week is going to hot up in terms of intensity, so use today to rest and ready your body. Don't worry though, this is well within your ability. Keep going, you're almost there!

Optional Recovery session

Foam Roll Glutes: Sit directly on top of the foam roller, so that its right underneath your glute. You can use your left hand to gently place your right ankle onto your left knee. Gently roll back and forth until you find any other trigger point in the fascia tissue. You will feel where the trigger points are by the level of sensitivity.

Foam Roll Hamstrings:  Prop yourself up on your hands next to your glutes. Bend the leg that isn't on the roller and plant that foot on the ground. Walk your hands toward the roller so that it rolls up your hamstrings. Go slowly up the entire back of your leg until you get to the point where your leg meets your hips. Stop there and roll back down to the bottom of your knee.

Myofascial Release with Ball: To release trigger points in the leg. Begin in a seated position. Place the ball underneath one leg. Lift the hips and place pressure onto the ball. Move in small circles or up and down until you find a specifically sensitive spot. Exhale and place extra pressure onto the trigger point of the fascia. Continue for a minimum of x2 minutes. Repeat on the other leg.

Myofascial Release with Pole: Using a pole or another household item like a broom, place yourself onto your knees and bring the pole to the back of the knee. Slowly sit down onto the pole and breathe through the sensation (which will be quite intense!). Hold for 15-20 seconds, slightly lift the legs up and bring the pole down by 1cm. Place weight back onto the pole and repeat further down the calf. You may find as you reach the bottom of the calf that you may ned to apply extra pressure onto the pole. You can do this with both hands


Some effective active recovery sessions for runners would include a 20 - 30 minute walk or some light stretching. If you are looking for something a little more active, then invest in a skipping rope. All these exercises will keep your heart rate going and will also go hand in hand to improve your running. Try and wear an exercise watch when you do any of these exercises and keep a track of your bpm. This will be lower then your runs, however you will want to aim for a good pace for your walking or rope skipping.