Who are Asics?

Asics believe that the key to a sound mind and body lies in sport. With the spirit of good sportsmanship lying at the heart of the brand, Asics remain committed to creating footwear that will continue to nurture healthy, young people through sports.

One for the road...

Featuring a lot of science, Asics road shoes are all intended to maximise performance, increase comfort, prevent injury and increase stability. With a range that includes the popular Gel-collection of NimbusCumulusKayano and the GT2000, there is a shoe for every runner. 

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For off-road adventurers

Asics range of trail shoes, including the Gel-Sonoma and the Gel-Trabuco, will give you a confident adventure. Layers of cushioning will provide premium shock absorption and the trail-specific outsole will take care of you on uneven ground. 

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Be kit confident

We have carefully selected a range of Asics clothing to make sure all your running needs are met.  From vests and t-shirts, to tights and shorts, our stylish and functional Asics men’s clothing will keep your running on track. 

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Going green

Asics is committed to a sustainability strategy that includes reducing its reliance on non-sustainable materials and processes, with the goal of moving towards more sustainable alternatives for those materials by the year 2030.