Every design of Sunwise® is driven by a passion for sports and the outdoors and is inspired by British culture with a twist of fashion. The modern brand provides affordable, cool, and outstanding quality sunglasses, suitable for all sports and in particular running.

A one-year manufacturing guarantee applies to all Sunwise products.
There’s a great range of men’s Sunwise running sunglasses at Up & Running, with various lenses and sizes, including the well-loved Windrush and the Peak MK1, both with popular black frames, but also available in other colours.

The classy Windrush has interchangeable lenses and a choice of frame colours. Four lenses in total give you an option for all conditions from clear to yellow for low light, orange for medium light and smoke mirror for the strongest light.

The Windrush gives you everything you need from sports sunglasses: lightweight and comfortable, durable and secure, water as well as impact resistant, high optical clarity and wrap around style. Importantly the lenses offer you 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB).

From the essential range, the Peak MK1 has static category 3 lenses, ideal for strong light and they don’t compromise on any of the comfort features of the more expensive glasses.

Up & Running stocks a good range of men’s and women’s running sunglasses from Sunwise and Goodr. Find yours online or visit us at one of Up & Running’s stores throughout the UK.

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  1. Sunwise Regatta Aqua
    Sunwise Regatta Aqua
    was £38.99 Special Price £27.29
  2. Sunwise Regatta Black
    Sunwise Regatta Black
    was £35.99 Special Price £25.19
  3. Sunwise Breakout Red
    Sunwise Breakout Red
    was £23.99 Special Price £16.79
  4. Sunwise Peak MK1 Coral
    Sunwise Peak MK1 Coral
    was £23.99 Special Price £16.79
  5. Sunwise Peak MK1 White
    Sunwise Peak MK1 White
    was £23.99 Special Price £16.79
  6. Sunwise Peak MK1 Black
    Sunwise Peak MK1 Black
    was £19.99 Special Price £13.99
  7. Sunwise Windrush Yellow
    Sunwise Windrush Yellow
    was £33.99 Special Price £23.79
  8. Sunwise Windrush Blue
    Sunwise Windrush Blue
    was £33.99 Special Price £23.79
  9. Sunwise Windrush White
    Sunwise Windrush White
    was £33.99 Special Price £23.79
  10. Sunwise Windrush Black
    Sunwise Windrush Black
    was £33.99 Special Price £23.79
  11. Sunwise Canoe Silver
    Sunwise Canoe Silver
    was £25.99 Special Price £18.19
  12. Sunwise Kennington Black
    Sunwise Kennington Black
    was £39.99 Special Price £27.99
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