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George strides towards London for his first marathon.

George, Up & Running Chiswick
Where it all started...
I've been running regularly for a decade now. Starting after school, where I was certainly not the sportiest!, I picked up running with my dad to keep fit, soon found myself on our local trails and after only a few months was working in a running shop. Forging connections that have lasted, through clubs, university and friends, I've now been loving running across London for almost 5 years and working with Up & Running since 2016. You'll find me happiest on the trails or coated in mud after an XC race, though I'm no stranger to the tracks and roads!
London Marathon awaits...
Several reasons spring to mind of why I'd wanted to do London Marathon, but being badgered by the team here in Chiswick to 'just run a marathon already!' is definitely one of the main ones! I've had several 'Not this time' emails over the years in the ballot, injuries and disrupted training and a harsh cut-off when the championship entry standard via half marathon result was changed a few years ago (2 seconds out!). Getting to run through the city I have called home for 5 years, supported by my club, Kent AC, colleagues and friends will be a real highlight of my running. 
Time for the training
With my entry confirmed just 7 weeks out from the big day, I haven't had the usual training block that we'd recommend! Thankfully, I have a spring season lined up with Kent AC and an okay base from this prior cross-country season disrupted with some illness and minor tweaks. With double days commuting to the store, long runs along the river path and in the local parks as well as access to tracks and coaching, I'm confident that I can put down a respectable marathon debut. Time will tell!
Stepping to the start line in New Balance
I am very fortunate to get to try lots of great kit and footwear here at Up & Running and have always found New Balance to suit me well. My first 'real' race shoes were a pair of RC1400v2 a long time ago, which saw me through my first 10k, half marathon and more! Recently I've used the FuelCell RC Elite v1 for my 5k and half marathon PBs and regularly in training for speedwork. 



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