Saucony Triumph 19 - Shoe Review

A fabulous shoe for long, easy or recovery runs with a surprising amount of responsiveness for upping the pace 
4.6 out of 5 rating | Weight – 309g (men’s) | weight – 272g (women’s) | Drop – 8mm | Neutral Cushioned Road Shoe | £145 

First impressions 

Dougie says: Like putting on a pair of cosy slippers the Triumph 19 is a very plush and cushioned feeling shoe that hugs your feet nicely. They feel less bulky than previous models, but still have that top level cushioning and comfort. I’m a fan of the white colourway which I tested, however there is the possibility of picking up dirt quickly, but the Triumph 19 will be available in Up & Running in more practical colours. They feel nice and breathable on the foot with minimal overlays, really excited to get these out for a relaxed run! 

Reka says: I have to be honest I am already a Saucony fan, so when I got this shoe I was very excited to try them out! I really like the look of the Triumph 19 although it appears to be narrower than the previous version. My shoes came with both black and yellow laces, and I love the finishing flag pattern on the box!

Our thoughts

Dougie says: The main change in this shoe comes in the upper, there are less overlays and in general a lot less going on. The engineered mesh makes for a lighter feeling throughout whilst also being more accommodating for different foot shapes. The uniqueness of this shoe for me comes in the midsole, every foot strike felt pillowy soft and fully protected from the reality of running on the road.  

Reka says: If you’ve previously used the Triumph 18 then you’ll find the Triumph 19 very similar. The only change appears to be the upper which provides a sleek and sock-like fit, it is a very soft foothold from heel to toe.   

Fit and width 

Dougie says: The Triumph 19 fits true to size; you really feel hugged by the shoes around the heel and midfoot. Interestingly the toebox still feels a little more spacious compared to the rest of the shoe, if you normally go up a full size in running shoes you may only need a half size up, but nothing beats trying them on in-store to be sure. 

Reka says: The shoe is really true to size and as I suspected it is a bit narrower around the midfoot than previous versions. However, I think it is a really good fit overall. The forefoot area is a bit wider, and I think it is a great fit for longer runs. 

Where it works best 

Dougie says: Long, easy or recovery the Triumph 19 is effortless in these arenas. I was pleasantly surprised as I upped the pace on one of my test runs giving me more of a responsive feeling than I was expecting, although it wouldn’t be my go to for this type of running, something like the Kinvara or Endorphin Speed would probably get the nod here. 

Reka says: For me it is a good long run or a recovery shoe.  I mostly run long distance and absolutely love them. 

Any sticking points...  

Dougie says: Nothing stands out to me as an area of concern. Overall I got on really well with this shoe and it has definitely found its way into my rotation for easy miles and recovery runs. Due to the nice weather, I haven’t had a chance to test out the grip in wet conditions, but for both dry compact trails and roads the grip was more than adequate.  

Reka says: It really is difficult to find anything to say against this shoe, but it is a little heavier than earlier versions due to the comfy cushioning, but this cushioning is perfect for long runs. Personally I'm not keen on the soft laces, I prefer the flat ones, but these still do the job nicely.    


This shoe has been tested by Dougie and Reka. They have run in the shoes for a minimum of 4 weeks or about 50 miles before submitting their reviews. The scores they have given the shoes are based on their experiences, their running styles and their training types. These shoes were gifted by Saucony for the purpose of this review, no input was made by Saucony. The views are entirely that of our testers. 


Hi Dougie here,

I’m a jack of all trades, covering road racing distances from 5k up to the marathon. I have run track and cross country over the years and hit around 70/80 miles a week. Running has been my life since I was around 7/8 years old. I have grown up through the club system in the UK I have gone on to represent both England and Great Britain domestically and overseas. I am a big running shoe geek and love getting to grips with all the latest products, so I hope I can give you some insight into what shoes might work for you.


Hi I'm Reka,

I love running, running has been in my life since I was 11 years old. I have done many cross-country races, Triathlons/ Duathlons too. I have run a dozen half marathons and half a dozen marathons over the years, but now I am training for my first ultramarathon. I found running is a great way to explore London and the countryside. My mileage is between 30-50 miles, mainly run commuting and long run on a weekend.




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