Brooks Levitate 4 - Shoe Review

An all-round versatile shoe that is minimal and light, perfect for a PB

4.1 out of 5 rating | Weight – 286g (men’s) | Weight 260g (women’s) Drop – 8mm | Neutral Responsive Road Shoe | £140 

First impressions 

Mo says: The new soft, sock-like upper is back but with added breathability, and plush cushioning in the midsole for a smoother ride during milage and training runs.  I also really appreciate the wrap around collar which adds to this snug feel as I have narrow heels.  

Reka says: A nice-looking shoe. The upper looks like it will be a good fit for a narrow foot shape, light and breathable material. My only concern is the back of the shoe - the heel cup is curving in. I do have a sensitive Achilles tendon so I will run in them for 5-6km and see how the heel cup feels. The black and white colour wave is a bit boring for me, but I saw the rest of the colourways online and quite like the rest. It’s a very light shoe; I really like the feel of the cushioning, it’s much better than the previous version. I like the fit too, nice and snug. 

Fit and width

Mo says: The new mesh upper definitely feels slightly narrower in comparison to previous models which I have run in. As a runner with narrow feet the mono sock upper construction kept my foot comfortable and securely held with the sock like fit. This worked out very well for me but this could vary for othersl. I also think it’s a positive having the heel collar slightly higher than usual and supports me a lot as I usually encounter some friction at the back of the Achilles during longer runs, this is why I prefer trying these out over several distances. The mono sock shape keeps the tongue from moving around too much.   

Reka says: After a few runs in these it made me realise they come up quite small. I do like the snug fit, but on my long runs at the end they felt way too tight. I do recommend going up at least a half size in these. 

My initial concerns about the heel cup were unnecessary; it turned out fine, very nice, soft fitted upper. 

Where it works best

Mo says: I felt the Brooks Levitate 4 are definitely an all-round shoe! If you enjoy having a lightweight shoe that sits minimally on your feet then these are an excellent option. They are an all-round, very versatile and very smart looking shoe.  

The shoes offer multi purposes after running 50+ miles in them, I have managed anything from tempo/ faster workouts to recovery run. Beginner and experienced runners would enjoy these new models as an everyday shoe. 

Reka says: I recommend it for short, quick runs. For someone who wants to run a new 5-10k PB, I think this is a great option.

Our testers' thoughts

Mo saysThe most significant change to this shoe is its weight. The shoe is significantly lighter and contributes to its firmer and smoother running profile.  

As a front foot runner, I felt semi firm going through the gait cycle, the DNA AMP Midsole is now a lot lighter but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Nevertheless, I did enjoy having the extra weight and cushioning on the Levitate 3, as the previous models allowed me to use shoes for longer distance runs if needed whereas the new model limited the responsiveness with recovery.  

There is enough cushioning and a boost of energy, although not especially agile and fast, the ride is reliably consistent and smooth. 


Reka says: There are a few changes since the last model. Brooks have reformulated the DNA AMP cushioning. The cushioning feels very light but it is pretty firm for a daily trainer. They have updated the upper, I found it much snugger than the previous model. The knitted upper is very breathable and light. During my testing period the weather was very wet and rainy. I was worried about the outsole but it is great! I do like the new updated pattern very good grip even on slippery and wet surfaces. I am very impressed, because I have had a few problems with earlier models from Brooks. 

Any sticking points

Mo says: The only concern which I have experienced is the level of cushioning in comparison to the previous models. The Levitate 4 may not provide enough cushioning for all runners but just enough for me as I have used them for mainly 5k to 10k distances.  

Also, I found the shoes fit a little tighter than the Levitate 3 so going up half a size would definitely help for some runners. 

Reka says: My only concern is the fit, they come up quite small but by going up a half size you should get a brilliant fit. 

This shoe has been tested independently by Mo and Reka. They have run in the shoes for a minimum of 4 weeks or about 50 miles before submitting their reviews. The scores given to the shoes are based on their experiences, running styles and training types. These shoes were gifted by Brooks for the purpose of this review, however no input was made by Brooks. The views are entirely those of our testers.


Hi I’m Mohamed,

I’m a middle/ long distance and cross-country athlete. I run usually anything from 1500m on the track to half marathon distance on the road. I normally train 7 days a week sometimes twice a day getting up to 70/80 miles per week. I enjoy track and road at national level all over the country. I love anything running related from working within running specialist retailers, big brands you name it. I’m definitely really excited about reviewing all the new products coming out and giving you my opinion.


Hi I'm Reka,

I love running, running has been in my life since I was 11 years old. I have done many cross-country races, Triathlons/ Duathlons too. I have run a dozen half marathons and half a dozen marathons over the years, but now I am training for my first ultramarathon. I found running is a great way to explore London and the countryside. My mileage is between 30-50 miles, mainly run commuting and long run on a weekend.




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