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New Balance London Edition Kit 2023: First impressions

George, Up & Running Teddington

Supercomp FuelCell Elite v3: Super light! Vibrant! Soft and bouncy midsole for sure! Looking forward to ripping some threshold workouts and a couple races in these ahead of the big day. Definitely a big change and great upgrade over the previous models, retaining the excellent FuelCell DNA but refining the plate and fit for a much more accommodating shoe - almost feels too good to be true, a racing shoe this comfortable! Hard to pick a favourite between this limited colourway and the super clean white original release, we've got both in-store here in Chiswick for you to choose between!

Shop the New Balance London Edition FuelCell Elite v3 here.


Impact Training Tee: Lovely light fabrics, feels like it will wick away sweat nicely and handle any rain in training given the changeable weather that we've had recently and can be sure to expect. Fits neatly, not too snug. The LDN logo on the chest certainly doesn't hide what race I'm training for!

Impact Vest: Same fabric as the tee, this is a nice one, if a little optimistic for the weather! Can't wait to use this for track sessions and long runs when the mercury does begin to rise though

Shorts: I've got a couple of pairs of the previous design in these shorts, having used them for a couple of years now and these are holding up very well. These seem like they'll be much the same. Love the refinements to the pockets for gels, key loop as well as the addition of the 'stash tube' for popping a layer through, keeping your hands free and no annoyance tying round your waist. 

Impact Packable Jacket: One of my favourite pieces, this stealthy bit of kit will probably see the most use based on recent weather! Ideal for easy runs, warming up or changeable weather. Love the packaway pocket with carry strap for waist or across-body carry. Secure to pop keys in the zipped pocket, a couple nice handwarmer pockets for hanging around a parkrun start briefing, waiting to meet an often-late training partner or similar situations. Nice fit, wish the sleeves were a tiny bit longer for my orangutan arms but great when running! We've got a nice blue and yellow option of the same here in Chiswick, along with other colours of the other pieces too. 

'Podium/Expo' Jacket: A much more substantial piece, feels like it'll be pretty warm and probably will be putting this in my drop bag for after the race! Nice pockets, good fit with enough room for a midlayer and the huge London Marathon and New Balance logos mean that I hope I achieve my goals and don't feel like I'm boasting/peacocking around unwarrantedly! Zipped pockets will keep my medal safe, when not around my neck, if I make it to the finish line at Buckingham Palace


Pop into Chiswick shop to take a look at the London Edition kit, an essentials for this years runners and supporters!



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