You Buy Socks - We're Giving Socks

You Buy Socks - We're Giving Socks

At Up & Running, as we close the door on an awful year, we’re thinking of those who haven’t actually got a door to close; the many homeless men and women across the country.

How we are helping the homeless

Finishing the year with some little acts of kindness*, Up & Running has joined with renowned running sock brand Balega to show some thoughtfulness and support the homeless projects up and down the country, with the intention of giving 3000 pairs of socks away by the end of the campaign.

Buy a pair, give a pair

For every pair of Balega socks sold in any Up & Running store or at Up & Running online, a warm, soft pair will be donated to a local homeless project.

What we are giving away

Our socks for the homeless have been designed, not with runners in mind, but for those who will be wearing them. A crew length sock that is dark in colour, warm, cosy, and moisture wicking will be of the most benefit to those who will be wearing them.

Socks are one of the most needed items in homeless shelters

Donations to these projects are usually second-hand items and those giving don’t tend to pass on their second-hand socks. When we are done with our socks, they are usually beyond help and of no use to anyone else. Bear in mind that the homeless probably spend more time on their feet than anyone else and you will understand why these projects are crying out for comfortable, well-made socks which are essential for good foot health.

How you can help

Balega running socks have a fantastic reputation for comfort and attention to technical detail, for their colours and their durability. Runners rave about them and for good reason. When you buy just one pair of Balega running socks not only will you be treating yourself but you will be treating someone else too, someone who really deserves it.

Up & Running stores nationwide will be working with their local homeless projects to make sure that these socks are gifted directly to those who need them most.

Throughout the country our stores have been connecting with their projects like First Stop in Darlington, who said “having a local business get in touch and want to support our local charity means so much to us as a team and most definitely will make a difference to our clients too. The winter can be a particularly difficult time for people and I think this year more than most. Like all towns we are seeing growing numbers of people and families that are not coping well due to the harsh realities of Covid-19. Little thoughtful things like this not only help in a practical way but they send a message of hope, that you are not forgotten and that your community cares about your situation and wants to help”.

We intend to donate 3000 pairs of socks, and these will be distributed up and down the country. If you would like to help out you can buy Balega socks here

*Little Acts of Kindness is a campaign for December 2020 to give back to the running community. Throughout the month there will be random giveaways both in-store and on social media. The Balega Homeless Sock initiative is just one more way that Up & Running is working to support others.



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